Destiny Unfulfilled

You hold in your heart the dreams of youth, yet accept the jailor’s wage and give him thanks.  What dreams do pass you by as you give your nine to five and more?  To what end, to whose gain? Beware the greed that holds your life within its palm.  You believe the  jailor’s lie in the brief reprieve, the weekend … More Destiny Unfulfilled

400… steps to go?

So it all started with the bliss of warm arms enfolded around me, warding off the early morning chill.  The pleasure enhanced through moulding the duvet into the spaces where the cold air would fill.  And then he whispers, ever so romantically it almost sounded like a proposal of everlasting love: “Let’s go for a … More 400… steps to go?

The moral of today’s lesson: “Don’t do a do unless you know the undo.” (Irél)

“Don’t do a do until you know the undo.” I will, at some point in the future, share how Irél, archmage of the Caemantarii, came to share this particular lesson with her eager young students of sorcery.  Irél is an eccentric character I created some years back, and I’m hoping to revive her again as … More The moral of today’s lesson: “Don’t do a do unless you know the undo.” (Irél)

Med One

Although blustery, the clouds part like curtains, allowing the warmth of the sun’s rays to shine through.  We depart in good humour, but experience the frustration of the stop-start traffic, and realisation of the temporary nature of the sun’s time upon the sky’s stage.  My sandalled feet meet the weight of the clouds’ new act, rain. … More Med One

Asura Honours a Most Loyal Servant

Dear Krabz, I am writing to inform you that following a review of your performance the ruling on your continued employment has been fully logged and filed with the Department of Dismissal, Severence and Discharge.  It was deemed, under the Act of Constructive Commission (982 AD), Section A, exception 2(ii)a, that you are unfit for continued service … More Asura Honours a Most Loyal Servant

Children of Lir

Children of Lir (an Irish folk tale) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once there was a great and mighty warrior, name of Lir, who believed himself worthy of the title of King, but his fate was not to be. The Tuatha Dé Danann were blessed with four treasures, each brought to Inis Fáil from the four great cities of … More Children of Lir