Higher Purpose

“Why did it take you so long to return to us?” “I was afraid.” “Of what were you afraid?” “I don’t know if they… ” Khalann gestures towards the black figures standing like sentinels in front of each of the standing stones in the circle, “are malevolent or benign.” “Do you trust me?” “I’m unsure.  I … More Higher Purpose

I am …..

My hand drifts upward.  It carves a path, parting the air like curtains.  Halfway upon its journey, I slice it down again, hiding it behind the curtain I’ve created. I can feel their eyes staring, despising my willingness to answer.  I hear Bonnie’s sigh of relief, knowing she won’t be picked on.    It’s our unwritten accord.  If … More I am …..

I am a bug

I am the bug, upon which you tread.  Is it because I am small? But how tall are you that you must demonstrate your might through indifference, violence and control?    You give me no more import than a grain of sand, and value me less. Our mother knows my worth.  You reside in your castle … More I am a bug

I Am Waiting

You stand in bare feet, the morning dew healing their calloused soles and washing them of your sins.  You feel the pleasure of the grass lightly tickling the skin between your toes.  They curl over the edge of the cliff.  The waves crash on the rocks below and the breeze catches your hair.  You dare … More I Am Waiting

Gaia’s Hand

My father has recently told me of the time he was put on a train in London, with his name attached to a cord about his neck, to go to the unknown home of complete strangers in the country.  It was both a terrifying separation and an exciting adventure.  Concerned for the physical safety of children with the … More Gaia’s Hand