Political Tortiloquy

In 43 days, the UK goes to the polling booths.  Whilst I’ve decided to be a statetheist, I am watching the upcoming battle with interest.  This election proves to be more interesting than the former skirmish between the Tory and Labour factions over the spoils of middle England, with the Liberal Democrats on the sidelines awaiting the fate of their own … More Political Tortiloquy

Whom Would you Want as a Dinner Guest?

I’d choose a 30 year old body over a 30 year old mind.  That’s not because I’m a physical fascist, nor because I believe in some kind of ideal of the body-beautiful being a reflection of my being.  On the contrary, I despise the social construction of beauty and the commercial exploitation of the resulting psychology of inadequacy. … More Whom Would you Want as a Dinner Guest?