The people who belong to this land, The Coorong

As you’ll have learned by now, I’m very interested in cultures who haven’t forgotten their relationship with the land they occupy.  Raili over at Soul Gifts shared this Aboriginal creation myth and I’d thought I’d pass it on.

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The Coorong

The land is theCoorong. The people are the Ngarrindjeri, an Australian Aboriginal nation of 18 tribes and 77 family groups, the original custodians of the lower Murray River, the western Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong.

Some well known Ngarrindjeri people include writer and inventor David Unaipon (1872-1967), who features on the Australian 50 dollar note; singer and songwriter Ruby Hunter (1955-2010); and cultural leader and Aboriginal rights activist Tom Trevorrow (1954-2013).

For many Indigenous people, land relates to all aspects of existence – culture, spirituality, language, law, family and identity. Rather than owning land, each person belongs to a piece of land which they’re related to through the kinship system. That person is entrusted with the knowledge and responsibility to care for their land, providing a deep sense of identity, purpose and belonging. This intimate knowledge of the land and ways of relating to it are also reflected…

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“It’s a Beautiful Thing.”

Sometimes, when we’re caught up in the day to dayness of everything, I wonder if we’re losing sight of the permaculture project we’d planned.  Are we still on the same page with our goals?

It’s mother’s day, and Verd is on the phone talking to his mother.  I don’t know what she’s saying, but it’s a catalyst for an impassioned monologue on the value of a neglected garden.  The neglected garden is the one we’re now occupying.  By neglected I mean, we don’t sweep up the leaves, tend the lawn, weed, or intervene in what nature wants to do.  The reward is being able to observe the biodiversity that has moved in and see the accursed lawn being overrun with far prettier things.

We’re still on the same page.

We’re looking at property in northern Spain and can’t decided how much land we desire.  A part of us wants a lot so that we can let it rewild, let succession take its course and see what moves in.  Part of us wants something easy to manage.  What would we do with 1/4 acre?  What can be achieved with 20 acres?

Let’s start with 1.

Limestone Permaculture Farm is just one acre of activity.  It’s home to a family, sheep, ducks, chickens and upcycled caravan, which serves a shop for the produce.  The owner described permaculture as life changing and questioned why he wouldn’t want to share it.

“It’s a beautiful thing.”

The Film Feast for the Future is now going to focus on permaculture practices around the world, new, old, small and large.

Hope you find something to inspire.

“We live in our children’s past”

“This movement … is part of the awakening of the masses.”  David speaks and his voice is the eighth from Standing Rock, bringing this short series to a close.

This series of eight were presented at Films for Action. If you enjoyed listening, there are a few more people who were interviewed and they can be heard on Bill Prouty’s YouTube Channel.  Look for S, Emily, Daniel and Trudell.



“This is the beginning of a change … The world will know peace.”

I’m excited.

The countdown has begun, with a deadline of April 30th to be on the move.  This means a bit more umpff on the home front to get organised.  Life boxed into two panniers, a topbox, and tank bag (times two)?  The problem is the solution, so they say.  Meanwhile, I’m interested to learn what the universe holds for us and where we find our place.

Will let you know what solutions we come up with as we go along, but ’til then, how about the seventh of our eight voices from Standing Rock?  This is Duane.

“We’ve got to do something different about what we’re afraid of.”

Alvin’s work as a photographer shifted from portraiture, fashion and wedding photography to  photojournalism as a result  of the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford and subsequently Michael Brown in Ferguson.  Called to social action, he travelled to Standing Rock where he speaks about the emotional impact of what he sees.

He has his own website/blog and features his images on instagram.

“Your mouth is .. the creator of reality”

I watched a film last night called Planetary, which I recommend.  It’s a series of interviews with thought-leaders who convey a common message.  It takes a view similar to James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis: Earth is a single living organism and that humans are of that organism, not on it.   This is the trailer, and I’m sharing as the cost to watch the full documentary is very low.

And now to the fifth of the eight voices from Standing Rock.  This is Audrey, a voice of hope.  She occupies an interesting place between teacher to younger people in her community and student of her culture.