Children of Lir

Children of Lir (an Irish folk tale) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once there was a great and mighty warrior, name of Lir, who believed himself worthy of the title of King, but his fate was not to be. The Tuatha Dé Danann were blessed with four treasures, each brought to Inis Fáil from the four great cities of … More Children of Lir

Cliodhna’s Wave

This week’s addition to the ‘Stories Speak’ collection comes from Ireland.  The story influenced two characters that I created for the purposes of role play.  One had the gift of healing through song, the other was a tragic figure of a siren.  I thought I’d share the myth here. *************************************** And Ciabhán went on in … More Cliodhna’s Wave

Tuatha de Dannan

Historical manuscripts of Irelands folklore have been roughly divided into four cycles: the Mythological Cycle, the Ulster Cycle, the Fenian Cycle and the Historical Cycle.   The pseudo-history given below is of the Mythological Cycle.  During this cycle, a magical people from the north (although as can be seen below, their origins were originally Mediterranean) invaded Ireland.  They are famously … More Tuatha de Dannan