Working together: A Fable or Two

For today’s ‘Stories Speak’, I’ve selected two fables to support the permaculture principles of integrate rather than segregate.  The first is a version of an Aesop’s fable, ‘The Bundle of Sticks’, by Sharri McGarry, written for the BBC’s School Radio.  It is reproduced below.  The second fable is taken from the play, “Some Folks Feel the … More Working together: A Fable or Two

How the Sun was Rescued

For this week’s ‘Stories Speak’, I’ve selected this Siberian folktale to accompany my notes on the permaculture principle of ‘Capturing and Storing Energy’.  As the creation of biomass areas for regenerating plant growth, soil building, and harnessing the sun’s energy, I felt that permaculture offers an opportunity to rescue the sun, hence this folktale. This … More How the Sun was Rescued

The Lazy Witch

It was the era of cleansing and cleaning.  It was the duty of all to clean every thing they owned.  If it wasn’t the bathroom, it was the windows.  If not the windows, it was the backyard.  It is wasn’t the backyard, it was the clothes, and if they were to look at the clothes, there was … More The Lazy Witch