The Bare Essentials

When my son was 14 and my daughter was 9, we took off on our bikes and cycled the Loire valley (France) with little more than camping gear and a very tight budget for 4 weeks.    I realised how little we really need to live.  However, the weather was sunny, with a thunderstorm and accompanying … More The Bare Essentials

My Safar

IT WAS A MISTAKE Mistake sounds negative, but mistakes contribute to learning and have more value than always getting things right. Many of you will be familiar with or have visited the virtual environment of Second Life.  If you haven’t, give it a miss, it is highly addictive and could ruin your life.  I spent … More My Safar

Second Steps

It was a beautiful day, so I pottered in the garden after a tiring run.  The songbirds kept up their chorus throughout the day; a wren and robin followed the pickings that I left behind me.  The air looked like a snowstorm of dandelion seeds as the breeze picked them up in a steady stream of repopulation. … More Second Steps