One for Fun

Calen created her one word meme based on Lore’s one word meme who based it on Leenda’s one word meme…….. 1. Where is your cell phone? Errmmm? 2. Your hair? Brunette 3. Your dad? Raconteur 4. Your other half? Extraordinary 5. Your favorite food? Tapenade 6. Your dream last night? Puzzling 7. Your favorite drink? Pinotage 8. Your dream/goal? Abundance 9. … More One for Fun

I am an onion

Having written recently about being a bug and an alien, I was reminded of psychological and sociological research into the self-concept. Shrek isn’t the first to use the analogy of an onion to describe his sense of self.  Ibsen’s Peer Gynt (1867) describes his own life in such terms: You are no emperor, but an … More I am an onion

Break in the Chain

A couple of weeks ago, we started a haiku chain, with the aim of closing it again at the 21st haiku.  This is how far we got: Mountain of paper noodles, earthworm fodder to keep mycelium running (Safar Fiertze…Blisters Bunions and Blarney) running down life’s path many trails beckon my heart; which one leads to … More Break in the Chain

Haiku Chain

Mountain of paper noodles, earthworm fodder to keep mycelium running. One of my friends shared the TED talk below and I was really happy to see it as I’d been trying to explain this to some ex-colleagues recently and they looked at me as if I was mad.  It might have helped if I hadn’t been … More Haiku Chain

The Sandbox Challenge

Loosening-up exercises (from The Playful Way to Knowing Yourself) This challenge was initially set by calensariel of Impromptu Promptlings way back in August.  Based on Roberta Allen’s book, “The Playful Way to Knowing Yourself”, Calensariel has posed a weekly writing challenge aimed at getting to know yourself and get the creative muscles working.  I’ve undergone 53 years … More The Sandbox Challenge

Just for Fun

As at least ONE of you is very much aware, Safar never was an ordinary person, having been accidentally born in a virtual dimension.  So as much as she is now firmly grounded in the realities of a different sort of revolution, she hasn’t forgotten the importance of play.  Have you noticed how adult play is regulated by … More Just for Fun