Farkling and Fun

One of my favourite permaculture books, Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemingway, tells a story about three brothers who create a natural edible space.  They build a pond and it soon becomes productive with edible cattails.  But the wildlife moves in and soon something is eating their beloved cattails.  I forget what rodent they identify as the … More Farkling and Fun

How to Provide

One morning, I travelled to work and read the Metro, a free newspaper that is distributed on public transport.  I read about the stabbing of a teenager, in broad daylight, on the platform of the railway station closest to where I worked.  The boy died in his friend’s arms before the ambulance could arrive.  I … More How to Provide


Which fiction book are you reading at the moment?  Are you enjoying it?  If so, why?  Why is that some books you can’t put down, and others you labour through with difficulty?  You could also apply these questions to films or TV series. Personally, I like to be transported to a different world, perspective and … More Hooked