Needles, Tangles and Dropped Stitches

ZoneZeroZero, formerly Blisters, Bunions and Blarney has been neglected in favour of other activities.  I’d like to thank those of you who’ve dropped by in my absence.  And because of your dedication, and in not wanting to let it slip into oblivion, I’ve decided to make a little time for it each day, including more reading of your blogs too.

In my idleness semi-retirement, I’ve been designated a new title – Head of Research.  The role entails finding out what, where, when, and how we’re going to do what we’re going to do.  The ‘when’ is problematic, as Verdant can’t seem to leave his job.  But I have a promise that it will be this year.  So… research is turning into a book called the Permaculture Nomad.  It is a little tongue in cheek, as it includes a lot of practical advice for the intrepid traveller to permaculture communities worldwide.  The Expert Head of Research who is writing this book, has yet to follow her own advice.  But it contains a lot of information from visas and vaccinations to where it might potentially be possible to settle and what to look for when you do.  Someday, I may find it useful.  It has some interesting chapters  like how to get from the UK to Thailand without getting on a plane.   The process has developed into a fixation on getting exactly the right backpack for my back and the alien concept – to my partner – of travelling light.

It may end up on the blog – but it’ll have to pass quality control first.

To ensure we do travel light, much of my time is spent in active ebay selling.  My Joe Brown’s period is almost at an end (I’m sure someone bought a top for more than I paid for it), with only one black shirt still remaining in the collection.  Whilst making our house seem a little less cluttered and even possible that we get by with only a backpack full of belonging, the proceeds have been financing the purchase of good yarns for knitting projects:

Grandson had to come first on the list of jumper guinea pigs:

Aran Jumper for Toddler

Complete with beanie – what could go wrong?  Let’s just say that he has ‘growing room’.

Having fought for 6 hours with a skein of wool that became tangled, the need for a knitting bag became then next target for a spare ball of verdant aran wool.  The bag is going to be a stitch sampler for a more ambitious project later on.  It looks like this so far:

Bag decoration, possible coat waistband in the future?

The success of the toddler jumper led to a request for a MUCH larger version, but could it be a cardigan, please?  This was the first of my design challenges – writing instructions for the front of the cardigan.  Having followed these to the letter, I shouldn’t admit to how surprised I was that the front matched the back exactly and looks like it could work out.

Aran jumper conversion – cardigan in the making.

In between the chunky cables, fiddly fingers find their way round fingerweight yarn – a girl’s gotta have socks in supersoft baby alpaca, hand-dyed by local artisan:

Pseudo-stripey socks in alpaca yarn

And the next project demands something highly ambitious – a ZoneZeroZero original:

This is not a dress

It looks like it will be a dress, but it’s going to be a coat with celtic knots built into the design.  Not convinced?  I don’t blame you.  The designing might take as long as the knitting – but it’s a start, eh?