The countdown’s begun. No, not to the UK election. I didn’t manage to escape it, but given Tory floundering, flapping and flitterbugging it’s proving to be most interesting.  Ok, flitterbugging isn’t a word, but I feel it should be in the context of state politics when you have a leader who lives in cuckoo land … More Countdown

Tea and Sympathy

Fancy a cuppa? It’s day two of being caffeine free. I’d promised myself to go cold turkey after getting my bike license, but found I needed it to stay awake on the bike. But over the weekend, feeling somewhat poisoned from too much food and drink, I made the decision that I can’t keep stopping … More Tea and Sympathy

Snuggle Time

Our research into light ways to travel has opened my eyes to new gadgets, technologies and designs that continue to surprise.  It’s amazing how creative solutions are being created in the industrial world, it’s almost hard to keep up. But there is a market for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit, and that is lightweight … More Snuggle Time

Panniers and Paneer

“What we should do before we go, is invite our friends, Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally over for dinner.” A nice idea, except that I’ve given away many of our kitchen utensils to my brother and partner in the process of the Great Clear Out. Family, however, were able to stay to dinner, as I’d not … More Panniers and Paneer

Learning the Basics

How did you get on in recognising the wardrobes and kitchen sink? Life on the road demands a change in perspective.  But I’m beginning to get worried as the corner is now looking like this: Actually, a lot of that is empty bags, so we might still be safe. So what does a bike-sized wardrobe … More Learning the Basics