Meet Bertie

This week I gave birth to Bertie. Now before you get all excited and start congratulating me, you should read on. Verd has had a couple of dreams where I’m pregnant.  This is nothing either of us want; the dream is best interpreted as a nightmare.  I’m putting it down to his generalised anxiety, so … More Meet Bertie

Garden Pesto

I adore pesto! Pasta and pesto,  pesto added to tomato and mediterranean dishes for flavour, baked chicken breasts stuffed with pesto… I love it.   So it has been my intention to try and create my own for sometime.  But oh dear, the basil finissimo stayed very finissimo, and most plants became the diet of … More Garden Pesto

Free-from Bread

This weekend, I set myself a challenge.  The challenge was “Gluten, dairy, egg and yeast free bread”. Impressed yet? If you knew how allergic I was to the kitchen or anything domestic, you’d be impressed.  I’ll give you an example: When I got a ‘B’ in Home Economics at school my dad scoffed and said … More Free-from Bread