Free From Food Feasts

Food allergy and intolerance have increased significantly.  However, NHS doctors in the UK are reluctant to investigate possible dietary causes for the many symptoms of food intolerance.

At least this has been my experience. Both my daughter and partner suffered a range of skin, repiratory and digestive problems for many years, for which they received no, or inappropriate treatment.  Both have since paid for private testing and their symptoms have improved dramatically after identifying both severe and less severe sensitivities, then removing them from their diets.

Their results have impacted my own food behaviours.  By proxy, my own intake of gluten, dairy, potatoes and yeast has decreased.  I’ve become more aware that feeding a community will involve sensitive cooking and baking.

Cooking an evening meal hasn’t been so problematic, we eat plenty of fresh vegetable and sometimes fish and meat.  Most sauces can be thickened by evaporative reduction.  However, no-one wants to completely omit their love of pastries, pies and pasties; their cookies, crumbles and custard; their biscuits, bread and buns.

But, free-from baking is quite the challenge.

Hence, this section of the blog is dedicated to experiments in free-from cooking and baking.

The intention is to compile recipes I’ve tried and either succeeded or failed at, in order to share this aspect of the journey towards:


If you feel brave enough to try any of the suggestions, please feedback your results, and perhaps we can work towards the best Free-From Food ever!


Community Feast

If I project myself to where I will be and what I’ll be doing, it would look something akin to eating at a table like this, with a regular community of like-minded people:

Actually, in my vision, the table is little more rough and ready, but this got me thinking that we don’t have to settle for old wall-papering tables in this projected future.

You, are invited to dinner!

I’ve recently discovered that I’m not as bad at cooking as I thought I was, and that I can present a couple of dishes to be proud of.  However, the idea of catering regularly for omnivores, herbivores, vegetarians, vegans, the ingredient sensitive, ingredient allergic, and the purely fussy seems a little daunting.  So, the concept is that in addition to the dishes I enjoy presenting (cooked with food sensitivity in mind), everyone else brings something to the table too.

There are a few rules though. You can’t pop into Sainsbury or Tesco for a quick solution. Your dish must be made with organic/free-range, unprocessed, locally-sourced produce.  You are particularly encouraged to include your home grown and what you may have foraged in the fields and forests.

What would you bring to the table and why?

Enter your suggestions in the comments, and don’t forget to include a link to your own blog for the recipe, extra information or anything else you feel relevant to the challenge.

If you’re interested in gourmet cooking your weeds, I particularly recommend this site: