Asura Honours a Most Loyal Servant

Dear Krabz, I am writing to inform you that following a review of your performance the ruling on your continued employment has been fully logged and filed with the Department of Dismissal, Severence and Discharge.  It was deemed, under the Act of Constructive Commission (982 AD), Section A, exception 2(ii)a, that you are unfit for continued service … More Asura Honours a Most Loyal Servant

Pirates dun’ cry!

The cold mist enveloped him as his green mantle could not.  Pushing himself up to a sitting position, Astraes gazed warily around him.  Shivering, he pulled his mantle tight and began to chew its collar nervously.  The fabric had frayed from the acquisition of this nervous habit.  Now heavy with the chilling mist, the mantle … More Pirates dun’ cry!