Sunny Day Bike Prep

I promised you a snuggle sofa update. We finally had a decent day to take it out of the bag and trial the ease with which you can inflate these lazy day loungers.  Here’s my first attempt: And after second attempt – a tired Saf gets to rest: Fun!

Farkling and Fun

One of my favourite permaculture books, Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemingway, tells a story about three brothers who create a natural edible space.  They build a pond and it soon becomes productive with edible cattails.  But the wildlife moves in and soon something is eating their beloved cattails.  I forget what rodent they identify as the … More Farkling and Fun

Tea and Sympathy

Fancy a cuppa? It’s day two of being caffeine free. I’d promised myself to go cold turkey after getting my bike license, but found I needed it to stay awake on the bike. But over the weekend, feeling somewhat poisoned from too much food and drink, I made the decision that I can’t keep stopping … More Tea and Sympathy