One Mile

What whirlwind few weeks!  Boxes in, boxes out  – I’ve never seen so much packing material in my life.

Verd is a certified hoarder.  Certified-Hoarder

I know this.   It wasn’t this hard when I sold my house.

But we’re going to be on the road tomorrow.  In fact, on the same road we now live, as we’re camping one mile from home for the weekend.  Big adventure, huh?

Anyways, we’ll put another few miles in before the week’s out to join a camping meeting of other BMW Bikers in the Yorkshire Dales.  Promises to be fun, and we should get some good tips from the more seasoned saddled-sore folk.

Then onward to Scotland via Northumbria where we may just treat ourselves to a meal in a treehouse – the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to.

The camera is now in a pint-sized bag that fits neatly in my tank bag,  so I promise lots of pics.  Hope you enjoy the trip too!







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