Before and After Inspiration

I woke up from a dream realising that I’ve been reading too much Terry Pratchett.  I encountered a magical land with a pair of witches whose familiar was a clothed tawny owl. The Lazy Witch

There was more to it, but I know it was influenced by the “Wyrd Sisters” and I shouldn’t read any more into it than that, especially as the clothed tawny owl was trumped by Verd’s more deeply magical dream.

Unfortunately I’ve been unable to keep up with the blogosphere, I hope I may catch up later.  It’s been a flurry of active readying for the new life.  I’m writing lists again but almost as quickly as I write them, they are soon lost as I aim the pen at the nearest piece of paper I can find, then I’m sure I’m shred them shortly after.  We’ve been so busy that we didn’t get out on the bikes for a couple of weeks.  So this week was punctuated by a journey with the only purpose of making sure the batteries weren’t dead.

We were both rusty.  I watched Verd wobble in front of me a couple of times and I had to remind myself where the brakes were.  But it didn’t take too long to settle back into it and I enjoyed the return trip when I managed to take tight bends without slowing so much I upset the person behind me.  Scary, but super fun.

Anyway, I’m going to try keep sharing the positive news that’s out there.  It’s my way of ignoring the upcoming election we definitely weren’t going to have and ensure the aim of not being here when it happens happens.

I hope that made sense.  I’m feeling a little confused myself now.

A week into caffeine freeness and that’s what it does for you.

I’ve been pretty much ok since day 3, until today when at about 3pm I got a severe craving and ensuing headache. A quick cup of mint tea put that to rights again.  I’m sure that’s psychological.  Someone has suggested that it’ll take two weeks altogether to adjust.  That would be supported by biorhythms research which indicates that amount of time is how long it takes to adjust to a new cycle, with some individual variation.  It has felt a bit like jet lag at times.

So, I promised you positive news, not a catalogue of caffeine deprivation and preparation woes.  Today I’m going to refer you to an article on the Permaculture Institute website which features before and after photos of projects around the world.  There is a link in the first sentence of the article that takes you straight to the photos, so even if you’re short on time for reading, you’ll get the picture……..

Click Here for Before and After Permaculture Projects Photos





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