Caffeine Deprivation Day 3

I woke up wanting to go back to sleep.

But that’s not unusual.  I’m a sleep fiend.  9 hours is my norm.

What is unusual is that I didn’t drink tea to get myself out of the sleepy state.

No headaches today, and was reasonably alert until about 1/2 hour ago when a heavy-eyed feeling kicked in.  Instead, it’s cravings.  By lunchtime, mint wasn’t having the same satisfactory effect.  Dunking a biscuit isn’t the same.  Honey oat variety and mint?!  Whatever you do, don’t try it.   I WANT tea – strong, red with a dash of milk.

Oh well, there is slight improvement on yesterday, so I am beginning to see the possibilities in non-caffeinated tea variations.

Chinese Pot Cup Of Tea Cup Healthy Tea Cup Tea



11 thoughts on “Caffeine Deprivation Day 3

    1. It is, isn’t it? Not mine though – but one I’d have if I wasn’t going to live on a bike. Getting past the tiredness now. Really wanting to get over the addiction and have my system regulate itself rather than have to have a caffeine punch to start my day.

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  1. Oh Safar, just go ahead and have a cuppa! i mean to say, whats life without a good cuppa! But bravo for trying…. now just admit it, tea is the drink of the gods! what about a low caffeine one – im sure you only use fair trade varieties anyhow…. xx

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