Tea and Sympathy

Fancy a cuppa?

It’s day two of being caffeine free.

I’d promised myself to go cold turkey after getting my bike license, but found I needed it to stay awake on the bike.

But over the weekend, feeling somewhat poisoned from too much food and drink, I made the decision that I can’t keep stopping every 50 miles for a cuppa.  I’m going to have to learn to do without.

A cuppa means tea.  I have several cups a day and if I’m concentrating on something, I make it without even realising I’m doing it.  It seems necessary for every task I do, write, read, knit, getting out of bed…. There’s gotta be a cup of Yorkshire tea beside me, so strong that it looks red.

So yesterday I started my day with mint tea.  Today, I’m still drinking mint tea and despite its refreshing taste, I feel like I’ve only just woken up.  Every now and then a headache begins to threaten, but the mint does seem to stave that off for a couple of hours.

Anyone been through this and know when the feeling of wanting to go back to bed disappears?

I could argue it’s because I’m working so hard.   The house is an array of boxes, bubble wrap and chaos.  The big clear out has begun.  After a delayed start due to entertaining and being entertained by family we’ve managed to find a few days of concerted effort to clear the house bar the biking corner.

Phew, I feel like I’m back in full-time work again!

Car boots are fun!  Good practice for going anywhere where haggling is the norm.  Some have it down to find art, you have to watch that you’re not giving away 5 things for the price of 1.  After a while you get canny and make it look like you’re giving away 5 things for the price of one when you’re really not.  Next one’s Sunday and with a 5 am start, I wonder how I’ll cope without my caffeine cuppa?

Biking Corner

I’ve swapped a sling bag for my camera for something smaller that will fit the tank bag.  I want to be able to pull up and take a picture of that amazing view without having to dig into the camping equipment.  Now I can, in theory, I’ve still to fit the tank bag to the tank.  It requires a screwdriver, so I’m putting the task off.

I’ve been looking at those nested pots and pans and think, oh, dear, we really do eat too much.  That pan is meant for four people.  Really?  It won’t do the two of us.  So, I’ve decided that the much loved, over-used and heavy pan I’ve been practising one pot meals in is much loved and over-used for a reason.  It’s a darn good pan and it would feed four. I know this – I’ve done it.

A much loved and over-used pan that’s going camping

It’s 3kg, a lot more than I wanted to carry in a pan, but I think it’s worth it.  The handle comes off and you could fit utensils inside to save space.  All I need is a bag to house it, so that it doesn’t damage everything else it might come into contact with.

Bags for pans?

I tried, honest I did, but the best solution I could come up with was a bodhran bag.  I bought two, but they went back to the store – too large for the pan.  Solution: Wrap it in a micro towel I can use as a tea-towel and put into a linen gym bag.  Space and weight saved.

Those creative ideas were before quitting the caffeine.  Will my brain ever work again?!?




9 thoughts on “Tea and Sympathy

    1. Love the comparison! Two weeks is good to know – I made a bet it would be 16 days based on some research into circadian rhythms. I started to feel lots better on the fourth day, but then I was up at 5 on Sunday and that was a severe challenge.

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  1. You really do have to get used to no caffeine or you’ll be stopping continually. But can you find something else to wake you up? I get overwhelmed just reading these blogs! Lordy, woman! {{{Safar}}}

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck – I hope you’ll soon be free as a bird! I’m addicted to my morning coffee… I often wish I had the strength to ignore the headaches that arise if I don’t have my three cup ration. I do enjoy it but wish I drank it purely of my own free will rather than an element of cowardice!

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  3. Oh, Safar, caffeine free is one thing, but giving TEA the cold shoulder – that’s something completely different. I mean you could try green tea, oolong tea…. lol. Seriously though ( actually I was already being serious) you said it was so strong it looks ‘red’ – in chinese, what we call ‘black’ tea ( cause the leaves look black) is called ‘red tea’ ( hong cha) because really, when you look at a fresh cuppa, sans milk, the liquid actually looks red.

    Now seriously – I think you should reconsider. What’s life, and indeed a road trip, without a cuppa? Not taking so many is one thing , but…..

    your TEA misses you! 🙂

    oh and ps congrats on your bike licence!!!!! i must have missed that somewhere along the way – been busy and not reading all the blogs i subscribe too – but CONGRATS! x

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    1. Haha, another tea lover! Seriously 🙂

      Now I know I’m not the crazy one when everyone looks at me funny when I say I want my tea red!

      It is the caffeine I’m trying to do without, but I’m sure I’ll arm myself with alternatives. I like green tea. Just want to reduce the dependency and also the milk addition. I do soya, but I’m not sure that agrees with me.

      And thanks! Biking’s more fun when I have a piece of paper to say I can!


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