The people who belong to this land, The Coorong

As you’ll have learned by now, I’m very interested in cultures who haven’t forgotten their relationship with the land they occupy.  Raili over at Soul Gifts shared this Aboriginal creation myth and I’d thought I’d pass it on.

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The Coorong

The land is theCoorong. The people are the Ngarrindjeri, an Australian Aboriginal nation of 18 tribes and 77 family groups, the original custodians of the lower Murray River, the western Fleurieu Peninsula and the Coorong.

Some well known Ngarrindjeri people include writer and inventor David Unaipon (1872-1967), who features on the Australian 50 dollar note; singer and songwriter Ruby Hunter (1955-2010); and cultural leader and Aboriginal rights activist Tom Trevorrow (1954-2013).

For many Indigenous people, land relates to all aspects of existence – culture, spirituality, language, law, family and identity. Rather than owning land, each person belongs to a piece of land which they’re related to through the kinship system. That person is entrusted with the knowledge and responsibility to care for their land, providing a deep sense of identity, purpose and belonging. This intimate knowledge of the land and ways of relating to it are also reflected…

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3 thoughts on “The people who belong to this land, The Coorong

  1. We leave for AUS next week. It should be interesting to vibe it out – we’ve only got a week away, but setting our feet on the earth there will tell us if we shall return. Like you, I have deep respect for earth based cultures. We have lived amidst native Americans (both Maine and New Mexico tribes) and Hawaiians (currently and 25 years ago). Thanks for the info on the Coorong and Ruby 😉 My antennae will be up. Aloha.

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