Panniers and Paneer

“What we should do before we go, is invite our friends, Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally over for dinner.”

A nice idea, except that I’ve given away many of our kitchen utensils to my brother and partner in the process of the Great Clear Out.

Family, however, were able to stay to dinner, as I’d not been so generous with our things when they first arrived, so I experimented with a 15 minute paneer makhani, a light and creamy Indian dish, made with halloumi instead of paneer.  The reason being is I brought them and their dogs for a walk via a farm shop, but forgot it was Sunday, and we didn’t make it to the paneer-selling-shop on time.  Halloumi, I’m glad to report works, and the dish could work as a campfire meal if I can figure out a wild way of creating puree and ground cashew and sesame seed powder.

The Great Clear Out has gained momentum as Verd is now ‘retired’.  I’m amazed by the vintage electronics and gadgets he owns.  No-one could want them – surely?  But seems they do.  We’re getting ready for a car-boot sale on Sunday, as we won’t have a car boot after the 25th.   I’m quite pleased about this; I’m proud of my own car-less history.

Somethings I learned today:

  • Old wallpaper table highly suited for car boot sale.
  • Don’t wash it.

Meanwhile, I’ve tried packing my bike’s luggage system to see how much they really hold.  This is one of the two panniers:


It looks quite big doesn’t it?

It is, until you look inside.  At first you think you’re going to get a Tardis effect as you can expand its size with a simple lever.  However, it’s actually a lot smaller than it looks.  You can see why here:


For the pannier to fit on the bike, it’s cut away at the back.  Add a locking mechanism and this eats into luggage space as you can see in the inside view:


Adding to this problem is that it doesn’t have a flat base to aid with packing.  Instead it wobbles and trying to lay it flat means that the lid chomps down on your hand most unexpectedly and painfully.

But the problem is the solution.  What if you could pack things into a bag and then put the bag inside?

Something like this?


Okay, maybe not like that, but you get the idea?

How about this?


I have one of these for the two panniers and the top box and I stuffed them with everything we want to bring that’s smaller than the panniers.  For three smallish bags, they fit an awful lot, including a compressible pillow, 6 towels, tarps, hammock, three different cooking solutions, utensils, and lots, lots more.  That was an experiment with one bike.  The experiment would be promising, except we want to bring things that don’t fit in any of the panniers or top-boxes.

We’re still working out the logistics of a home-away-from-home and who’s going to carry what, but we’re hoping to leave my top-box free for storing the day to day items, like halloumi for the paneer makhani.


15 thoughts on “Panniers and Paneer

    1. You make me laugh, Calen, I’m sure I’d not find you rude at all :)) Right now it’s a bit of both for me, excitement and nerves. But we’ll go at a pace we can cope with at first, get over the hurdles and headaches til we know what we’re doing.

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