Learning the Basics

How did you get on in recognising the wardrobes and kitchen sink?


Life on the road demands a change in perspective.  But I’m beginning to get worried as the corner is now looking like this:


Actually, a lot of that is empty bags, so we might still be safe.

So what does a bike-sized wardrobe look like?


Like this.  Here’s what it looks like with the doors open:


Inside is two sets of base layers for under the bike body armour, a mid-layer micro-fleece, a fleece jacket for the chilly evenings, stretchy hiking trousers for work on the farms along the way, hippy dress (I’m a girl) and shirt.  We’ll have two of these each (there’s also a smaller size more suited for women, above is men’s sized), with mesh bags for the smalls.

It’s a neat solution, it even has a helpful packing board.


Wonder if that’ll double up as a chopping board?  We only need one for folding.  Must inspect more closely.

The kitchen sink is in a pack so small, I was afraid to open it as I’m sure I’ll never get it back in its case again.  But it comes with instructions on the back too.

Roughly 10cm diameter and less than 50g

As I filled it, I realised it was holding more water than I’d generally use for washing up.  This is a 10l bowl.


It holds up well, but I learned not to try carrying it with only one hand.  Water spouts form on each side, but with two hands, it’s easy to carry from river to tent – or whatever.

That reminds me, I have to figure out how to use the water filter.

Next stage is putting things in the bags and panniers to assess how much room we have left.  Or not, as the case may well be.

Will keep you posted!


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