Through the Looking Lens: No. 10

It’s been a bird day.

I take a walk to the post office a mile away.  eBay has now become a full time job.  I notice a pair of birds on the wire that I’ve never seen before in my life.  I stop to look but the light isn’t great for picking up their colouring.  The closest I could hazard at an identification is a pair of lapwings due to the crest on their head, but they don’t rest on wires, they are more of a ground bird.  This pair are quite plump birds and my stopping spooks them, they take to flight.  They’re not that graceful, so they’re not skylarks either.  When I get home I visit the RSPB bird identifier page.  The closest I get to identification is waxwings, which are winter residents. Perhaps they were readying for migration?

During all this, I notice a wren in the garden picking up nesting material.  Oblivious to my presence, I follow its path and actually see where the nest is being built, in an espaliered elder tree.  Later my attention is caught by a flutter of wings on the other side of the window.  It flits away again quickly and I wonder if it’s the long tailed tits who like to pick at seeds that are caught in the webs.  I’ve not seen them this year.  Not long after, it returns and I have no problem in identifying the bird as a female chaffinch.  She’s taking chunks of thick, silky spider webs, presumably for her nest.  She returns a few times, shortly followed by the male.  I try to get pictures, but it’s a murky day, so they all look something like or worse than this:


And to think I nearly talked to a window cleaner yesterday about finally shining up that glass.

Meanwhile, I’ve never seen a busier wren.  I love this time of year.

This is going to be the last of my photographic challenges for a while.  But I will get back to it during more settled times.

The Challenge


The challenge is a treasure hunt.  This is something for everyone, you could interpret this in photographic form, art, as poetry or a prose, but the idea is that you go hunting for something and then do something creative with it.  Each prompt can be interpreted in any way you want.  There is one for every day of April, but you could turn it into one a week, or one a month, whichever you prefer.  They can be done in any order.

  1.  Something you’ve never seen before
  2.  Nest
  3.  Feather/s
  4.  Wild
  5.  Freckles
  6.  Sparkles
  7.  Something cold
  8.  Something gold
  9.  Transparent
  10.  White
  11.  Black
  12.  Shades of Grey
  13.  Stripes
  14.  Spots
  15.  Police
  16.  A work of art
  17.  Something hot
  18.  A lot
  19.  Something that makes you smile
  20.  A wonderful expression
  21.  21
  22.  Nostalgia
  23.  Hidden treasure
  24.  Something fast
  25.  Aghast
  26.  Something small
  27.  A wall
  28.  Things that come in threes
  29.  A place to sit
  30.  A place to be

If you undertake the challenge, write a post or posts about it and ping back to here.  Leave a link to your finds in the comments below.

I’m off to pop all these into my photography notebook so that I can keep a look out for them.



6 thoughts on “Through the Looking Lens: No. 10

  1. Perhaps one day I’ll pick up on your challenges, Safar – they are worth exploring. Still, my life is too full right now to consider it. Between bike rides and a new structure to paint and a 1/2 acre yard of bursting spring growth here, it’s all I can do to keep up.

    I wonder if you saying you almost asked the window cleaner to clean your windows but did not – was this because of birds flying into your clean windows? The first house we renovated here on the island was huge – a bank of picture windows 24 feet across and 8 feet high – and lovely, extraordinary, breathtaking ocean views. And …. lots of birds with broken necks over the years, despite tricks to foil them. When we placed those windows, we never dreamed this would be the result. The woman who bought the place seems to keep shades drawn there, and perhaps this is the reason. She’s not a very open person, so I wouldn’t dream of asking. But I wonder.

    Anyhow, on with the day. Hope you’re enjoying yours, upcoming! Aloha.

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    1. I wish I could say that my windows were ever that clean that birds flew into them. We’re in a rented house at the moment and it’s not been well looked after for years. It’s a shame as it was once obviously a glorious house and still has that potential. I did plan to make the windows more transparent until I saw how they function as an ecosystem for birds. I’d be so upset if one flew into them not realising it was solid wall to them. The chaffinches are back today, despite my presence. Just couldn’t take that away from them.
      No worries about the challenges, reason why they are stopping for a bit is because I’m unable to keep up!!

      Liked by 1 person

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