“We live in our children’s past”

“This movement … is part of the awakening of the masses.”  David speaks and his voice is the eighth from Standing Rock, bringing this short series to a close.

This series of eight were presented at Films for Action. If you enjoyed listening, there are a few more people who were interviewed and they can be heard on Bill Prouty’s YouTube Channel.  Look for S, Emily, Daniel and Trudell.




12 thoughts on ““We live in our children’s past”

  1. The awakening of the masses… I wonder if someday we’ll look back at history and find that the awakening actually did begin here. I do believe it is a time of GREAT AWAKENING… There’s still that spark of hope that burns inside most people.

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    1. There was a man interviewed during the Global Social Change Summit recently who argued that what is happening now – the awakening, the NOW has existed since the 1970s. I like to root the process with Rachel Carson’s book ‘Silent Spring’ and that was written in the 1950s. There is a sociological concept known as the critical mass, where once you’ve reached a certain number of the population, then it explodes so quickly a new norm is created. I think that now in the 2010s, we’re close to that critical mass.

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      1. I watch the Sunday morning BBC political roundup shows, and this morning they were discussing that 11 billion is the critical mass top level.

        Personally, I reckon the big awakening was the day they dropped the atom bomb and then moved into nuclear energy and started chucking the waste into the sea.

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        1. Interesting – what was the context for the critical mass figure? When I looked at this before, it seemed a pretty vague concept without specific testing. However, one analysis of women in politics hypothesised that a 1/3rd of a target population was needed, but found that the distribution of women in politics needed to be less for their policies to be accepted. Another attempt made the picture more complex when resources were factored in to the models. Research into the psychology of minority influence has been restricted to very small groups from which a percentage could be derived, but is unlikely to have generalisability given the controlled conditions in which the research took place. But these results have suggested a ratio of 2: 5 would have influence.
          You could be right about the time of awakening, but then was it shortly followed by a big sleep? I’m thinking about the big waves in the level of support for CND.
          My other concern about any awakening that is NOW is that it is a bit of a case of the neo-Marxist concept of the gaining a larger slice of the pie when the real issue is ownership of the bakery. Are the multiple campaigns, petitions etc saturating online forums so much, that even though support would seem to be high, it is token action? Instead it is root of the system that needs to be struck.


          1. Basically, without getting things out of proportion or for that matter too scientific – the population in the east is where the action lies. Countries like Philippines, where (and let’s be honest) they haven’t a hope in hell’s chance of curbing the rapid increase. And the answer to the blame is simply the RC Church. They have done so much psychological damage to what is the great partially educated, that they more or less fear that God will strike them down if they so much as look at a condom. Same deal in Africa but many die off in infancy due to a variety of diseases and malnutrition – what’s new. South America seems to be leveling out a bit better than it used to where of course there is population growth but at a slower rate.

            The 11 billion figure is the point they reckon we will struggle to feed. And of course the huge strain on infrastructures which will definitely not be developing at the necessary rate in order to cope – such as hospitals.
            Interestingly – as per your comments on the role of women – as an essential direct conduit to aggressively make waves to get population growths down is some essential areas – this also seems a losing battle as of course women do not play much of or get any opportunity to any role in the management of public affairs. Its a Men Only closed shop. That’s Asia and Africa in a nutshell. Any achievements by women’s groups – and there are – are in the grand scheme of things all too piece-meal. There’s not enough concerted effort if any from the men in charge.
            It doesn’t get discussed, it’s ignored, it’s not on the agenda and quite what it will take to get these people’s attention to start doing something of any social revolution programme is anyone’s guess.

            All this is the loud and clear obvious stuff.
            But there’s believed to be another agenda entirely, managed by a few old and very powerful (naturally). This agenda titled “The Project for the new American Century” was rolled into play in 2001 and its authors were primarily Henry Kissinger, George Bush Snr. and an endless list of members from corporations, banking and social elite. It works on conspiracy to manipulate events and change. It is believed that they will wantonly by complete autonomy and divisive measures construe to ensure that population explosion is maintained to where disaster is inevitable and thoroughly planned. Basically, its like Auschwitz on a global scale. Billions of people with be starved in a management controlled programme to ensure maximum collateral deaths. Then the world can start all over again having ‘cleaned house’.

            That’s where we’re at here, Safar. Everything else is just sheer lip-service albeit from the genuinely concerned, but they hold no reigns to the horse that’s bolted. The ship has left the dock on this and it will happen regardless.

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            1. Ahhh, not quite the same as the critical mass that I was talking about, but population growth is a huge issue, I agree. I don’t particularly want to take such a negative view of the future, although, I have no illusions about the agenda of the elite and am aware of the very deliberate methods used to create dependency and debt that can never be repaid. There is a correlation between the education of women and reduction in birth rates, but as you say, the barriers to the global education of women are tough. Ironically, even Margaret Thatcher said explicitly that she felt the difficulties for women in politics meant that she didn’t believe there would ever be a woman prime minister in her lifetime and during the 1950s, women were recorded as saying that politics was a man’s job. I will hold on to my optimism that a critical mass of change makers will emerge!!


              1. Sorry, I really didn’t realise that you were being as directly literal with the term “critical mass”. I can’t keep up with all the new terminology firing from all six at me. Count me as one of them. I also forgot to agree or at least acknowledge your point that there are (I believe) many yeasayers whom appear in general terms to participate actively, but personally, I think much is for appearances sake and/or ‘cool’ with an added touch of street-cred to be seen doing so, too. I don’t think many are for real at all. I don’t think many actually understand what the hell is going on and why. I believe this to be the case with many who rock up to demo’s such as the Dakota Pipeline.
                Whilst I fully understand and sympathise with the Indian community at large, this 15 foot deep glorified ditch is the least of it. They’d be doing the exact same were the pipeline people planting rose beds instead.
                I really don’t think the LGBT crowd (particularly the butch short back ‘n sides L brigade) have much the same cause concerns and neither should they take this specific opportunity to make their presence felt. Their concerns are far more personalised and nobody is forcing them onto reservations or restricting their movement. Were I an Indian, I’d probably tell them to f-off. I really have little time for that crowd that feels a need to be ‘seen’ at any given opportunity. They’re back in the office come Morning anyway – with another ‘cool-aid must-do’ ticked off their bucket list. Hangin’ out with the Indians on their facebook page … please…

                As for the emergence of these change-makers, there’s loads of them, but look what happens, ie., Julian Assange cooped up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in fear of his life. They let you go so far then bang, curtains.
                The authorities speak in adversarial tones towards anybody that intelligently challenges their agenda, and with their other mouth – the one that represents us good people, they make much publicity of their good works in counter-terrorism, that which they engineered in the first instance.
                The hypocrisy and double-standards are relentless and turned up to no. 11.
                Example: There was a factory – still exists but now produces something other – not a 100 yards from me that made these electric stun batons for riot police. The Saudi govt. love `em big time. Of course, licensed to do so by the Scottish govt. – all in the name of International Trade, no less. Seriously? It took a public outcry for Govt. to look the part and step in as if they were actually on the side of the public. Give me a break, Nicola.
                It also wouldn’t surprise me if we were supplying loads of bulk-buy cheap whisky to these Indians across the water.
                Anything for another piece of silver.
                Another example: right next door to me is a large apartment flat which used to be two 2-bedroom flats until the owner knocked them into one some years back. Recently he wanted to turn them back into the 2 flats. Oh no, said the authorities – we need them for larger families as we’re very short of such suitable accommodation. Accommodation that is for our new friends from afar who breed like rabbits.
                Now I’m no floppy liberal for sure, but nor am I any kind of right wing neo-anything. But I can see it for what it is.
                There is official policy to populate. Nowhere is there space on their agenda to counter this major issue and I honestly cannot understand why not.
                They talk vociferously about Cultural Diversity (how passe) that just doesn’t work and never will. Never ever do I see groups of mixed groups. Not ever. As soon as the bell rings at schools the Pakistani kids congregate into their groups and so forth. I see them in groups of 8-10 in the back yard from my window on Sunday afternoons and there’s not a white kid among them. The Chinese just don’t talk to anybody, never mind join into society at large.
                The Romanians are now running heavy duty crime gangs that control swathes of area. Someone moves out and another of them is in like Flynn. The prostitution rackets have never been so out of control. They run them.
                There’s some streets where the Police aren’t too happy about being near. And this is a city that used to have the infamous Gorbals district – pulled down decades ago but it’s legacy lives on. Knife crime is way up and many of them as we know live by the knife. Gypsies don’t stop being gypsies just because of a change of address. They couldn’t give a toss about Scotland, it’s culture or heritage, only the free benefits. The local youths are getting busted for carrying knives, too, but in many cases for the purpose of protecting themselves from the gangs. The whole deal is rotten to the core. Plus the fact that if anybody says anything to the contrary of political correctness out loud, regardless, they may very well see themselves getting a mandatory 3-month stretch courtesy of that little former Marxist, Nicola Sturgeon.
                These are mere entry level samples, I could go on until Christmas on it.

                I’m all for women in power. I used to know one very well indeed, my mother. I also spent 30 years in an industry that usually has a work force of 75% women. I had many women bosses in my time in earlier days. Yes, they do natter on a load of guff a lot of the time between themselves, but the end results are good.
                It’s just a shame that my wee country has got such a bad example. She’s extremely manipulative and wholly dishonest of good integrity. She’s hijacked a political UK-wide matter for her own party’s gains. That is corrupt and definitely nor behaving as a so-called First Minister should be. We have just 6 million, with just 2.3 million contributing and she thinks we can stand alone in the EU? Is she mental or what? On top of which is an ever increasing old age sector. I don’t know where the money will come from. Also her last budget was some £12 billion short due to falling oil barrel market prices. It’s La La Land x 10. And all because and only because she personally hates the English. She’s one of these typical professional politicians (also an ex-lawyer of sorts) who’s cut off her nose to spite her face. Plain and simple – and yes she is that, too.
                There’s some more hypocrisy and double standards.

                Anyway, yes, there’s a few hurdles to negotiate.


                1. My word, Andrew, but there’s some heated passion in there. I swear your commentary is longer than most posts I’m writing lately. You really should think about a blog of your own! I’m not sure where to start. Ok, the beginning. My view on the multiplicity of pressure group campaigns is that yes, signing petitions and passing on in the social media world has become easy to do and is an action that can help people feel they are doing something. My concern is that it is actually desensitising people to the very real distress that is prolific. If I sign this – it’ll go away, but more often than not, it doesn’t. There is probably also the coolness aspect going on too. The deluge of appeals in my inbox every day necessitated very clear decisions about what I stand for and what I’d like to see promoted.

                  Lack of understanding of cultural differences and lived experience is a problem. I think there is an ethical issue with those from one culture ‘helping’ another, the extreme form of that being the missionaries and solutions that create dependence. I’ve witnessed this locally when middle class decision-makers make very poor decisions on how to spend money designated for working class inner city areas. E.g. lets give this area of the housing estate green fences, and that part blue, and that’ll help develop a sense of community…. While I have no doubt that there are highly questionable motives on the part of some people who have joined the camp, I’m also sure that this isn’t restricted to a limited group, nor represents the entirety of the group. There will also be those who have gone to learn, to listen, to understand. Sometimes the answers are surprisingly simple. For example, one person I know learned that she could help through distributing ear plugs.

                  In your Julian Assange example you are expressing something similar to my idea of let’s tinker with a policy here and there to appease the populace, but not really do anything to upset the status quo. And yes, terrorism, I agree was manufactured to create fear and hence control. And also agree with the hypocrisy of the arms trade. If you’ve watched Deep Space Nine, then I think the Ferengi statement that war is profit is an allegory for our times.

                  The issue of population control isn’t on the agenda, but does need to be addressed. I don’t have answers to this, though I’ve thought about it, but I have been waiting to hear discussion about it. There seems to be a reluctance to do so, perhaps because of the history of the eugenics movement. However, education, universal free birth control and the right to die (with dignity) are perhaps starting points. Don’t know if you can still access it, but there was a very good discussion on population dynamics on Radio 4 a few weeks back.

                  I didn’t realise you were Scottish. Your mention of the Gorbals district and the kinds of problems you’re witnessing suggests Glasgow. Hasn’t Scotland benefitted from EU money though? I’m thinking of money given for regeneration of former industrial heartlands, like we had in Yorkshire a while back.

                  I actually have to go make dinner as hunter-gatherer will soon be home!! So if I’ve left anything out by way of response – thank you, Andrew, for your patience so far.


                  1. Sorry about that Safar, admittedly I forget that other people have a life, too!

                    Petitions: OK, they can serve good purpose, but they are only an indicator. What they can do is gain enough momentum in order to get the ball rolling to some discussion. That’s the way the system works. We lobby by petition, hold discussion and receive some kind of appeasement. To bring the case to the table for decisions to be made by conglomerate committee’s or Senate for that matter, the principle complaint usually needs some strong numbers behind it to get attention.
                    Obviously, that’s why they get the TV people on-board.
                    But these are changed days from not that long ago. We’ve now got mass instant exposure which makes it incredibly so much easier to gain support for an issue.
                    However, as you stated – where exactly does an individual stand once they’ve signed that on-line petition?
                    I suggest that many will immediately forget all about it.
                    Much of it is not a vote of concern, but a pity-vote. That’s not the same thing is it.
                    There’a also the immediate issue with logistics as perhaps the case arises all too often where one signs a petition, yet lives hundreds of miles away. That sort of thing wouldn’t have happened not that long ago.
                    There’s no way really that they could offer much more of themselves.
                    In short, those that watch a 3 minute video on youtube, then sign a petition – what’s their signature really worth?

                    But the main problem is there’s a systematic conflict of information overload. Every aunt sally and her dog has a petition lobby for something. People waste time on such triviality and in some cases situations that they really haven’t a chance of shifting.

                    Of course there are countless highly commendable achievements been made by many good people working hard to integrate communities. They have certainly negated cultural disparity and reduced the malaise of attitude where to get involved is somebody else’s problem. But these are the people that welcome a helping hand. The people that I referred to previously don’t exactly fall into this bracket and are living on the opposite end of the spectrum.

                    Yes, Glasgow. What regeneration? They closed down the pits, then most of the ship building years ago.
                    The areas where the pits are have high unemployment with nowhere to go. They were all shoved over to the service sector and work in tele-service centres and supermarkets etc. There’s no real industry.
                    Yes, Scotland gets its share of EU money re-distribution, but it’s the local councils who eventually get to spend it.
                    So following all the government cutbacks over the years – and it doesn’t matter a jot who is actually in power – that money is sucked back in to cover that last and the one before that parliamentary budget, where services had been slashed. So basically everything’s on a straight line, there’s no such thing as a bumper year where a council will have enough to fix all its roads, repair the roofs on public buildings, the list is endless.
                    Social deprivation is on the increase – although nobody in power talks about it. The SNP are a disaster, as far as I’m concerned. Socialism for the sake of socialism, with common sense out the window.

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                    1. I hear you re. the regeneration of Glasgow. The example I used of the uniform fences to create community spirit was one use of such money! I like your point about the front line action, I feel that’s where solutions lie, getting your hands dirty once you have full understanding of the situation and have listened carefully to the needs from all sides.
                      But, as you mention socialism for the sake of socialism, do you know anything about Nyerere (Tanzania)? I’ve found conflicting commentary on his politics, but one thing that struck me about footage of him reflecting on his time in power was that he felt that the more state controlled socialism he implemented, the more he felt they’d made a mistake, but community based socialism in the form of local decision-making and cooperative communities did help the country grow economically. It did decline after, but then which country hasn’t had its periods of economic strife?


  2. Without even needing to look at the film, that’ll be Sioux Poet John Trudell aka Grafitti Man, introduced to me c/o Bob Dylan in 1992. Excellent records and I own 6. I have an interesting interview cutting slipped into one of the discs from the International Herald Tribune, Tuesday, February 21, 1995.

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    1. I don’t think that it is, his identity seems to revolve around being an ex-US paratrooper. Thank you for the input, though, I’ll ask my partner about him, I’m sure that he’ll be in his collection somewhere – it is incredibly vast. Amazing snippet of history to own.


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