“Your mouth is .. the creator of reality”

I watched a film last night called Planetary, which I recommend.  It’s a series of interviews with thought-leaders who convey a common message.  It takes a view similar to James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis: Earth is a single living organism and that humans are of that organism, not on it.   This is the trailer, and I’m sharing as the cost to watch the full documentary is very low.

And now to the fifth of the eight voices from Standing Rock.  This is Audrey, a voice of hope.  She occupies an interesting place between teacher to younger people in her community and student of her culture.



10 thoughts on ““Your mouth is .. the creator of reality”

  1. I liked the lady’s comment about feeling like she belonged to the universe. Maybe we ALL need to take a ride out in space and look back. Maybe it would finally hit us what it is we stand to lose… Audrey — she has a very old soul. Brave girl. A choice between the reservation and the climate in Washington? I think she made the right one…

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    1. When watching it, I had an image of Elon Musk spiritual tourist trips to space!
      Audrey’s choice is very brave. But I feel she’s going to be a very positive influence in a community that could use the power and ability she has.

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  2. wisdom. Compassion. Insight. You are so good at posting examples of such things. Thank you. Often, for the wee bit of time I sit at the computer, it is these things that greet my day, put good thoughts into my head and heart, thank you for that, Safar!

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    1. Someone recently said in the Global Social Change Summit, something about being called to action. Myself and my partner have felt called, but to what is still unclear. While I’m waiting for him to finally break the umbilical cord with the system, I’m finding enrichment through focusing on the new narratives people are discussing and sharing it as I go along. I’ve been quite astounded by what people are doing. It’s good to know there are so many out there that share a more positive, equitable, connected and kind vision of the future. If it’s reaching even one person, then I feel happy.


      1. Right now I think we are all listening…with intent, with an open heart,with urgency , to better understand how each one of us as individuals can serve the greater good, As a farmer, a plants woman, as a person who’s life long commitment has focused on sustainability, it doesn’t seem quite enough at the moment. Living here in the states, though somewhat insulated from the worst of things in the great state of Maine,we feel the unraveling of so many issues , their is deep concern and sadness felt by so many. However, in times of despair we also witness greatness, huge acts of kindness and selflessness, innovation, voices of reason spoke eloquently and reasonably, sacrifice, and a great want to right the ship. I am glad to have found your blog, glad to know that so many are united on a conscious level, that we’re trying more than ever to nurture our best “humanness”. For that we can feel proud. Best to you,Safar!

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        1. Thank you! Since leaving the mainstream, I find that I’ve opened to the pain of the world that I was previously cut off from due to the demands of work. When they talk about how our system puts us into a state of sleep, I can relate to it quite deeply. No the task is to channel those feelings into something positive. I think food sovereignty is a paramount issue and that the how of sustainable/regenerative farming is extremely important to promote. There’s three things I feel drawn to – growing food and feeding people, finding appropriate ways to further the new narratives and paradigms, and deeply reconnect to the oneness of life.


          1. I have always said, feeding people is what I do! Providing fresh, healthy, wholesome food to every person, making good food available to all, I’m all for it. I agree with all you say and those very important aspects of life you are drawn to. Bravo!

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