“I’m not scared any more.”

I read recently about a native American leader who said he plans for seven generations ahead.  A strong message from these voices is a sense of continuity which is reflected in a concern for the next generation and the grandchildren.

Darwyn travelled to Standing Rock through the good will of people who were willing to pick him up and offer him a lift.  He is the fourth voice of eight I’m sharing who have taken a stand against DAPL.



6 thoughts on ““I’m not scared any more.”

  1. He was a young one. It’s an interesting feeling watching these folks who should rightly be on this land actually BE there. It stirs my imagination and makes me wonder how things would be different for the Native Americans today. Would they be able to break the cycle of poverty and the alcoholism that’s so rampant in their cultures now. It’s a glorious thought to think so…

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    1. When in America last we stayed with someone who is Choctaw. He introduced us to his friend, also native American, but not sure which nation. We got on very well with him and his family, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and they shared barbecued venison from a deer hunt the previous season. We recently learned of his suicide.
      Yup, it’s a glorious thought.

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