“I’m proud that I’m a peaceful person now.”

Tyger is a Veteran for Peace and she tells her story of how she travelled by Greyhound bus with a 75lb bag in one hand to join other veterans at Standing Rock.  The third of eight voices from Standing Rock.



8 thoughts on ““I’m proud that I’m a peaceful person now.”

    1. Interestingly, I nearly didn’t include Tyger’s story. I couldn’t tap into her motivation. She stated why she was there, but I couldn’t FEEL it. For the others, I think they found their place, or their home there, which was missing before. Tyger still seems somewhat lost. Anyway, I felt she shouldn’t be denied her voice here, just cos I had that reaction.

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        1. I thought that too, but I’ve met people who are actively campaigning to protect the rights of indigenous people in the Amazon and sense that depth of soul and absolute passion and commitment to their cause. I used to distinguish between knowledge and knowing. Example – knowledge being “it’s wrong to destroy the rainforest”, but knowing is feeling it at the core of your being that by destroying the rainforests we’re destroying ourselves. If that makes any sense at all. We can learn a language and it be knowledge – I have knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and understand many grammar structures, but I can’t say that I know the language or have any fluency. I have yet to get from knowledge to knowing. I think that’s how I’d describe Tyger. She knows there is something wrong, but it’s not internalised yet. I wonder how she’d feel about our psychoanalysis?

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            1. LOL! Wise man, Plato. Haven’t really had the time to listen to his seminars, but he’s on my list of things to get around too. Think he should form a section in the knowledge cooperative at some point.

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                1. It was once my intention to do a weekly post featuring another permaculture or similar blog – called the Knowledge Cooperative (tab at top). There’s a few posts, but I’ve not kept up to it, but want to get it going again.

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