“We Won’t be Remembered..But that’s OK.”

Frank’s story speaks in today’s Film Feast for the Future featuring Eight Voices from Standing Rock.



8 thoughts on ““We Won’t be Remembered..But that’s OK.”

    1. You know something, my dad talked about meeting his boss. This boss owned most of the town we then lived in – literally – hotels, housing, business. They socialised one evening and this man did take a note out of his wallet and eat it whilst bragging about how big a man he was. I think he was the start of my anti-materialistic mission!

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  1. beautiful, thank you Safar. Why is it so hard for so many people to accept basic facts: human beings need clean drinking water to survive. oil spills harm people. building pipelines under rivers that provide drinking water to tens of thousands of people is a disaster waiting to happen.

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    1. I find it really hard too, and often it’s a red flag to a bull, but I am trying to work with an idea that I keep hearing being repeated in the “new story’, which is that ‘demonising the enemy’ only ever leads to adversarial conflict, not solutions. An example being the UK’s and US’s two party politics. It’s a game of one-upmanship and rhetoric rather than – let’s sit down together, really listen to what we each have to say and create something constructive together.
      The US needs to heat and feed its population – ok, agreed, but let’s have a look at the resources and knowledge base available to see how it can do that without environmental and community threat? But the oil company has threatened to withdraw support for my next election win…. yeah, I’m no Gandhi!


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