The Destrier and Doris

I wake up excited.  I open my mouth to speak, but curb the unusual early morning enthusiasm.

“Good morning.”

I realised I don’t say that to him very often.

I withhold the feeling of anticipation until I’ve brewed a cuppa.

The Destrier is coming today!  I have to explain to Verd how it is that she’s been named already and the history of blog posts which led to it, but the BMW isn’t going to be Beamer or Bem or another brand derivative, she needs something special.  She is my new life.  I’m also nervous.  Will I be able to handle the weight?  Will she have any petrol?  Although the extra height of my new boots enables me to get my feet flat on the floor, will I have trouble riding in new boots?  The indicators operate differently, will I mess up?  What if I drop her?

I plan the wash and wax of Suzi ready for selling.  I get the camera set back to normal for normal pictures of a normal bike.  I plan slow manoeuvres around a carpark, I plan a short ride on roads I know.

Verd then kindly draws my attention to the weather outside and I see trees precariously swaying in the wind.

“You forgot about Doris,” says he.


Oh well, I guess I should read the manual first.


Featured Image by cjohnson7 from Rochester, Minnesota (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (



9 thoughts on “The Destrier and Doris

              1. Yep. My knee went left, my foot went right, and the bone split right down the middle. They called it a green tree split. Had that damn cast on from toe to thigh for nearly three months! Moved to Utah during it’s life and then my folks had a hard time finding a doc here who’d take it off since they didn’t put it on. I was ready to soak it in water and peel it off!

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