Which fiction book are you reading at the moment?  Are you enjoying it?  If so, why?  Why is that some books you can’t put down, and others you labour through with difficulty?  You could also apply these questions to films or TV series.

Personally, I like to be transported to a different world, perspective and out of my reality.  I find myself hooked when I’m not sure what to expect, when I’m feeling suspense.   I’m held by something that makes me think and often appreciate the magical work that some people achieve with language.  Sometimes, I just enjoy a novel concept.  I know it’s working as I become fully immersed and get cross when I’m pulled back to the here and now.

At the moment I’m reading Small Gods by Terry Pratchett.   I’m in love with the idea gods can’t exist unless there is someone to believe in them.   I relish the time I’m reading it, and find it hard to put down.  It’s funny, but I’m also pulled by the dilemmas facing the most unlikely of protagonists and I occupy a very different realm when I go there.  After all, we don’t live on the back of a turtle.

coa_illustration_elements_tool_hook-svgNow, think about what you’ve learned by answering the questions for your own writing.  How much of it do you apply to hook your readers?  Kirsten Lamb, an author guru here in the blogosphere, suggests three ways to hook your reader and not lose them half way through your project.  Applying it to the films, tv series and books I’ve read recently, I have an aha moment – of course, it’s so obvious once someone else has said it!


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9 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Love Terry Prachett. What gets me totally hooked and transported to another reality is Robin Hobb – discovered her a few years back and she writes wonderful fantasy, which includes boats that talk ( because the boat head is carved from ‘wood’ which should really have been a dragon but didnt get born —

    oh my isnt that enough! she’s amazing.

    i love anything by Isabelle Allende, read all her books.

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      1. HI Safar, you will love Isabelle Allende. Start with House of the Spirits, her first book, set in the Chile of Allende and the coup, from the very first sentence it will have you mesmerised. Then read through in chronological order. Her latest works arent the same as her first books in terms of subject matter but still compel and entrance with her beautiful words and craft that gets you hooked into the lives and times of her characters.
        I had heard of Robin Hobb for a long time and had not read her. I dont tend to go for ‘fashionable’ stuff and she was fashionable in fantasy for a long time. a few years back i borrowed one of her books from the local library ( back in Aus) – i think it was the Mad Ship – and totally lost in the incredible sagas. She has some fantastic fantasy concepts that are unequalled there is a whole series around The Fool and the assassin. ( and the assassin in these books are nothing like the crappy and not so well written, in my opinion, Assassin series)
        My previous favourite serial fantasy writer was Katherine Kerr, her Deverry series follows a list of characters thru various incarnations, with one man, a wizard called Nevin, who just ages and ages, whilst the others all die and get reborn. Its an incredible weave of souls incarnatiing in different lives living out their karma, set to the backdrop of swords, dragons, dwarfs, elves and etc. Great stuff.

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  2. I love any book that will open a door for me to walk through: historic fiction, fantasy, WWII fiction and non-fiction, other non-fiction stuff (ie. “Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Storm in History” by Erik Larson, about the hurricane of September 1900 that devastated Galveston). I especially love ones I can’t put down — though that’s rare these days since I started blogging. I used to read 40-50 books a year. I think I read three last year. o_O Right now I’m reading Og Mandino’s “‘The Greatest Miracle in the World.” It’s more of a teaching tool than a book to fall into. I just finished reading “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr and the third book in the Maze Runner series, “The Death cure” by James Dashner. I’d been working on those two books for months. I have to get back into reading and get off this computer more often. I’m drying up.

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