The Way of the Wolf

Do you remember I recently featured an exciting online event – the Global Social Change Summit?  It kicks off on Sunday, so was wondering if any of you signed up.  If so, I hope we get to wave to each other.  I believe it promises to be interactive as well as featuring key speakers.  If not there’s still time to get involved.

My time spent turning two wheels on the road left me behind in the Film Feast for the Future.  This one is a welcome back to Kim, over at Spiral Spun, who’s recently returned after a break away from the blogosphere.

I often find myself staring into the eyes of a wolf when meditating.  Anyone know what that might be about?  My only offering is that I find wolves absolutely fascinating.


6 thoughts on “The Way of the Wolf

  1. Thanks Safar! I’m looking forward to the Global Summit also. That film about the wolves in Yellowstone park is fascinating – it shows how much we have yet to learn and to put into practice to bring about a sustainable earth.
    And many congratulations on your recent successful motorbike test! 🙂

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  2. What an interesting, interesting video! I wonder how many wolves they released into the park. Do you know? Did they say? I missed it if they did. I love wolves, too, and I think it might be because they remind me so much of dogs. One of Calensariel’s constant companions is Lord Huanárë…

    I touch with my mind and love with my heart the spirits of all animals large and small, such is the gift of my Elven lineage. I am skilled in healing them and knowing their distress and ways, and oft they come to me unbidden for company by which I am greatly blessed. One in particular is ever my companion. He is the noble gray wolf lord Huanárë (Hound of Fire). He is never far from my side.

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