Higher Purpose

“Why did it take you so long to return to us?”

“I was afraid.”

“Of what were you afraid?”

“I don’t know if they… ” Khalann gestures towards the black figures standing like sentinels in front of each of the standing stones in the circle, “are malevolent or benign.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I’m unsure.  I don’t know who you are.”

“But I am you.”

Khalann furrows her brow, feeling uncertain.  Then she nods, recalling the quest for connecting with her higher self.  But she looks so – ordinary, like a mother whose children are now grown, she carries the same lines upon her face, as if weary of her life experience. Khalann had somehow expected magical auras and energies to emanate from this higher self, like some angelic being.

“You don’t look like me.”

“How would you have me look?”

The woman shapeshifts to look more like Khalann.


She moulds again into a older man.

“Perhaps you’d prefer this? Oh, no.  I see you were expecting this.”

Khalann smiles as her expectations are met and an aurora of light flows from the being before returning to her original form.

“Appearance doesn’t define me.” Khalann barely whispers the insight she is given, “or anyone else.”

She turns to face the guardians, one standing by each of the stones. Their faces were shadowed by their hoods, but this time she prepares herself for what she might see.  The first looked up slowly as if acknowledging Khalann’s presence.   Khalann’s breath is taken as she is drawn into the space inside the hood.  There is no face, but instead a galaxy.  No, not a galaxy, several galaxies.  No, it is more than that. Khalann realises that she is gazing upon the universe itself.

Her higher self reminds her of the reason Khalann has returned.  “They are your guardians and guides, ask of them what you must.”

Khalann instinctively gives herself over to their energy and enters their world.

She loses all sense of time and place, all sense of her self as a material entity.  She experiences a deeper wisdom, not in the form or words, just a knowing.

As she returns to full awareness, she is sitting with her back to a standing stone, and tries to grapple with her experience.

She isn’t aware of having asked her question, but the answer is clear in her mind.

“My highest purpose is to be.”


Story inspired by Calen’s Sandbox Challenge no. 76: What would you say is your life’s highest purpose?

Featured Image: Public Domain


9 thoughts on “Higher Purpose

    1. Thanks Calen, I’m half thinking of coming back to it and extending it to reflect the process of getting to ‘to be’. Not sure yet, will have a play with it. I like when I can do something a little more creative with your challenges.

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