Mod 2 Take 3

I want to cry.

Well actually I don’t, I did loads better than last time and even though I got majorly confused at one stage which resulted in the “sorry, but you didn’t pass on this occasion”, I managed to keep my cool and not mess up thereafter.

For anyone that doesn’t quite know what I’m talking about, it’s the road test for a full bike license.  Today was my third attempt.

The general consensus at this stage is that I can ride the bike, control, road position and all that ….but I need to work on reading the road when I’m somewhere unfamiliar.  Then, I can feel a little overwhelmed and indecisive.  So, now, I’m back to Yami for the next couple of weeks just riding around getting to know every single possible road within the vicinity of the test centre like the back of my hand.  That’s a lot of roads and a lot of possible scenarios, but I think the effort will pay off.

So here’s what happened.

I’m booked in for an hour warm up before the test.  Steve really puts me through my paces and I feel quite tired when I arrive.  But I have some recovery time and get myself relaxed (and warm) again.

At one of the junctions, Steve wants me to turn right.  It’s a set of double traffic lights.  There’s a right turn at the first set followed by a right turn at the second set.  I’m told to turn right at the second set.  I delay moving out to the right hand late until past the first set of lights, but that is what I should have done.  I end up in the straight ahead lane and so I go straight ahead.  It’s no biggy, but if I’m at the same set of lights in the test, I’ll know what to do.

I’m doing the test and it’s going ok, although I’m unsure about a failure to stop at a pedestrian crossing, seeing the pedestrian a little too late.  But as it happened, the examiner also failed to see her.  I got the benefit of the doubt for that one, one rider fault.  Later, I’m told to go right at the second set of traffic lights.  I think it’s the same junction as before and pull into the right hand lane.  Mistake.

It was a different junction, different set of rules.  It was a filter to the first right and not the second.  I thought I would still be ok to take the second right, but turns out, it wasn’t.



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6 thoughts on “Mod 2 Take 3

    1. Yes, that I do! We’re planning to go travelling end April/early May, starting in Europe and then may be further, volunteering at permaculture projects, intentional communities, eco-builds etc. We’ll be looking for a place to settle eventually and start a small-holding of our own, but ’til then we’ll be permaculture nomads.
      Thankfully the tester isn’t on the back of the bike, they follow in either a car or on their own bike. This time of year, they seem to prefer the car! You’re linked via radio, you can hear them, but you can’t answer back!! If you get separated, they ask you to pull over until they catch up.


  1. Grrr… all sounds so confusing! Esp those double-right lights!
    But I suppose if you’re having trouble keeping up with the road signs in unfamiliar territory then it’s best to keep studying till you can handle them. good luck!!!

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  2. Hon, I’m so sorry. I almost feel like they make it harder than it ought to be. But I guess since you guys are going to be in a LOT of places you don’t know, it’s important. Big hugs, girlfriend. {{{Safar}}}

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    1. Thanks Calen. That’s how I’m seeing it. I did learn something new today that really clicked which I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t get out there today, and I feel like it’ll happen when I’m properly ready to be out there without the L plates.


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