We are the currency that matters

Today I am tired.

I begin my day making lunch for Verd, get a cup of tea and snuggle back to bed to read the news of the day before starting my day properly.  I read the headlines outloud and we discuss our initial thoughts.  I usually feel stimulated.

Today is different, my pervading thought is that we’re on the brink of a war.  Perhaps we already are at war?  In Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins describes the insidious deliberate creation of the dependence of developing countries on the IMF, the World Bank and transnational corporations as a war.  We’ve all witnessed and relinquished many of our civil liberties in the ‘War on Terror’.  The current scale of destruction is unprecedented, from Syria to Indonesia’s forests.

When our most influential of leaders ask what works, not what is right, I find it hard to find hope.

But I start my day in search of the positive and someone laughs, and it makes me smile.  Today it is Ralph Smart and he’s inspired me to pick up the camera and go out into nature to find joy again.

Why not dive deep into his infinite waters?



8 thoughts on “We are the currency that matters

  1. I sure agree with Mr. Smart that we are living in an age of reconnection, not just with each other but with nature. We are so much more aware of the plight of our planet and coming to regard it — as some say — as mother who needs to be taken care of.

    I hear what you’re saying about feeling like we may be on the brink of war. There is going to come a great toll on people everywhere who live with this fear. I think we need to find ways to crawl out from under it. We seem to hold little sway with the leaders in charge. Nature is a good place for us to start to feel healthy again.

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  2. Sometimes I am tired and feeling very pessimistic. I need to find a way of getting energy and optimism. For me it is to take a break, divorce myself from the madness and nastiness, reacquaint myself with the beauty of the planet, forget about the blog, politics and the wanton destruction, and do some serious reading and writing.
    My faith in human nature is sorely tested.

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    1. It would be a shame for you to forget about the blog, me thinks, but can understand your desire to do so. George Monbiot is doing an ‘occasional series’ on possible solutions to get past the despair. He’s just written the second article, think you might be interested?
      The first: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/dec/13/despair-mess-commons-transform-society
      and the second:
      Kind of glad he’s doing this, he thoroughly depressed me when I read his book ‘Feral’!!


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