Through the Looking Lens: No. 1

I used to take my camera with me everywhere, but since I’ve retired, the only photos I’ve really taken have been of camera equipment I’ve been selling on eBay.  I had a couple of large lenses that weigh a ton and I like the flexibility of wrapping the strap around my wrist and being unencumbered by luggage.  I travel light.

But I love photography and would like to get better at it – particularly social documentary.  I’d like my pictures to tell a story.  Of course the story will focus on positive news and positive action: permaculture, intentional communities, tree-planting etc.

So I’ve embarked upon a course which goes more into the technical side of photography, and although I’ve done 7 lessons, and know my camera a little better, I’ve only taken eBay photos since it started.

I need to get back out there and practise what I’ve learned.  Would you like to join me during the process?

I’ve set myself a list of challenges.  Some of them are DSLR camera specific, but most you could apply to the use of any camera.  Where my own challenge is specific, I’ll try add something that could be applied to any camera as an alternative.  I’ll make it weekly, and as it happens to be Wednesday, I’ll post then.  Add links to your best pics of the week in the comments below each challenge, and a ping back to this blog is most welcome.

Each week, I’d like to feature three of my favourite responses from the previous challenge, so I need a few of you to tag along!!!


The Challenge


This week is simply about finding your inspiration.

What kind of photography would you like to do?  Nature, street, portrait, family, documentary, journalism, candid, macro, food, architecture, abstract…..?

Whose work do you most admire?


Challenge Response


As you know, I’d love to be able to make a difference, no matter how small that is.  I’ve always loved the power of a photograph to demonstrate the story of a situation and create an emotional response in the viewer.

Some images have become iconic:  the photo of a man standing in the path of tanks in Tiananmen Square, the photo of children running from a napalm strike in Vietnam, the photo of workers having lunch on the rafter of a skyscraper…..

The kind of photograph I’d like to take are those produced by Stephanie Sinclair.  Her hope for her work is that it produces a feeling of a sense of urgency in the viewer to address the issue she presents.  She has chosen to focus on the issue of child marriage, not just to document the lives of the girls, but also to do something to end the practice.

Her photographs can be viewed here.


Featured Image: Public Domain



7 thoughts on “Through the Looking Lens: No. 1

    1. I used to join challenges in Flickr, but I’ve not been active there for a while. The one I learned most from was where you paired up and set each other a challenge for that month. I discovered light painting through that, which I loved.

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  1. I sure understand the desire to have your pictures tell a story. If I EVER get my own car AND camera I think I could get into photography. Btw, watched the NatGeo video. SO interesting. And I’m so glad we got Stef out of India at such a young age! She was 7.

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  2. I used to have an SLR but now have gone for a bridge camera. It is lacking in that brilliant quality but makes up for it with versatility and range plus ease of use. I don’t have to carry around a ton of equipment and keep changing lenses.

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    1. I think I’m a gadget gal. I do like the flexibility of the DSLR and playing with lenses, but at the end of the day, often the moment you’ve seen has passed! I can see the lure of a bridge camera.


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