Instant Global Consciousness

I’ve just witnessed a vitriolic altercation.  I feel it in the core of abdomen and find it hard to let it go.  Let’s get one thing straight before I begin.  There is a difference between altercation and argument (as there is contradiction and argument).

I enjoy argument.  Altercation makes me feel uncomfortable.  I feel that loss of equilibrium, like when you witness someone bullying another and imagine how your response should have been different.

As many of you know, my last year has been a process of disconnection from the normative systems that are ruling the one life we can be certain of, and finding that more spiritual connection those systems discourage us from engaging in.   For others, the transition can be more spontaneous.  For example, life-threatening and near-death experiences may instigate a desire for living more meaningfully.  There are side-effects to greater connectedness.  I’m feeling the pain of the world more acutely.   One astronaut described his experience of looking at Earth from space as “instant global consciousness”.

“When you’re up there, you’re no longer an American citizen or a Russian citizen.  Suddenly all those boundaries disappear; you are a planetary citizen.”

I’ve stolen the quote from today’s course of the film feast.  Watching it today enabled my return to a state of equilibrium and homeostasis.   It’s quite meditative!

I present to you:

Peter Russell’s, The Global Brain.


Featured Image: Alison Popkorn “Gaia- EARTH DAY”


5 thoughts on “Instant Global Consciousness

  1. Bran walked by just now and wonder why I was listening to Monty Python? LOL He was amazed. That was hilarious. That was a beautiful film, btw. I wonder how we get people to feel that way without leaving earth…

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  2. Unfortunately I do not have any sound on my computer at present. Following my house move all is in the air and nothing working.
    I too have been involved with an altercation over the last day or two. It isn’t pleasant.
    All the best to you Safar. I thoroughly agree with your global consciousness. We have one planet and the boundaries between nations, race and culture are superficial. We all bleed the same, share our genetics and are new arrivals on this planet. Let us hope that we don’t destroy it before we have even got going!

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