Land of Poets, Artists and Mothers

I have a memory on being on a beach in Dublin with a three year old child.  I’m a single mother and I’m chatting in the sun to another woman about the action to prevent the closure of a maternity ward in Ennis. We also talk about the catch 22 situation of needing a suitable home for our children, but being turned away as we’re unmarried.  We talk about my father’s boss, whose wife bore nine daughters, but her husband would not be happy until he had a son.  I turn and realise I can’t see my son anymore.  I begin to search and then begin to panic.  I’m in beach wear and the catcalls start.  I remember how angry I am.

There are many aspects of Ireland I still miss greatly, but there are reasons I have never gone back.  I’m reminded of these today.

This may not seem like it at first, but this is a poem of hope.  It’s one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard or read.  Emmet Kirwan is an incredible talent.  If you do begin to watch this, please stay until the end – it’s worth it.

It’s a departure from the film feast themes, but is a film for a better future.

Heartbreak by Emmet Kirwan (currently it’s the top post on his page, but if this changes, scroll down, it is a video and it is the one where he says to stay until the end).


3 thoughts on “Land of Poets, Artists and Mothers

  1. Such a passionate young man. Is that HIS history he talking about? I think that’s a problem everywhere, even though society has grown more accepting of unwed mothers, there is STILL that stigma that comes along with trying to better yourself and provide for your young. Our cultures spend money on trying to “teach” these young women how to live, but it’s actually the males who need to be taught. Just a thought…

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    1. I agree it’s changing. There is now more of a recognition that feminine and masculine are social constructs and those ideas are being challenged. I think the education of women is important as their education empowers the next generation, something highlighted in the poem. I also think that if people are empowered in their own lives, e.g. through social opportunity, personal development and again, education, the desire for bullying other social groups lessens.

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