New Stories

There is an idea floating about in the world that is incredibly powerful and is gaining momentum and ground.  It says that our “story” ie. our narratives on what it means to be human, how a living should be made, justifications for social injustice, old ideologies etc. no longer serve us.  However, we are not necessarily floundering in a fragmented postmodern world.  A new story is emerging.

Perhaps I should say stories.  If someone asked you to tell this new story, it would be difficult to articulate.  These stories span villages, cities and countries, they share a multitude of multi-cultural perspectives.  Yet, at the heart of these stories are common themes: a desire for change, a desire for deeper connection with each other and our natural world, a desire to live more ethically, and a desire for community empowerment.

On my Facebook page, I’ve been sharing a film a day which tell these new stories.  Some are full documentaries, some are short clips.  As this blog ‘speaks’ to Facebook, I’m going to continue Film Feast For The Future here.

To catch up, I’ve so far shared the following three films.  In each, the inspiring Charles Eisenstein is featured.  How could anyone not listen to someone who writes a book entitled: “The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible”?

I found the documentary “The New Story for Humanity” very moving.  What stays with me most is how there is a complete change in the face of the people who express their love and hope for the future.  It is inspiring.  The full documentary can be found at this link:

A New Story for Humanity

The following clip is from the film “Occupied Cascadia.”  It provides a flavour of the full documentary.

The full documentary link is here:

Occupied Cascadia

I’m hoping you like Charles Eisenstein, as here’s another!



7 thoughts on “New Stories

  1. Some of these videos are so over my head. I find I have to pay REALLY close attention to them. But I want to know one thing: What the hell was that guy doing with the baby chicks in the second video??? o_O

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    1. If it’s the clip I think it is, it’s actually from the documentary Food Inc. which does a huge feature on factory farming, which isn’t very pleasant. I think I’ve been so immersed in these issues for so long, I don’t realise that there is a lot of information. I struggle with anything to do with the financial markets. I just don’t ‘get’ money!!


        1. I don’t think so, I think they’re being screened for injury/disease before going to factory farms – and if they don’t pass the test…. well…. take a guess. That particular film Food Inc, shows how inhumane the meat industry is, not just in terms of animal suffering and environmental impact, but also to low wage workers who have no other choice but to work within the farms and factories.


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