Eco-Warrior Challenge Finale

I have a friend who is always ahead of the game in trends, and she was the first person I knew to introduce the idea of an ethical xmas.  That year, she gave gifts of sponsored trees.  In the family we’ve since received sponsored dolphins, raptors, and water.

Sometimes there are people who seem to have everything and anything you can give them is really wasteful surplus.  I thought I’d share just one initiative that aims to ensure that all gifts are truly wanted and that the purchase of the gift goes where it says it does.

Quite often the purchase of a charitable gift, e.g. from Oxfam, means your money goes into a pool which might pay for the infrastructure of a project, and not necessarily toward the specific thing you think you’ve bought.  Run by the Charities Advisory Trust, Good Gifts ensures that what you buy is where your money goes.  So if you buy a chicken for a family so that they can sell its eggs, a family gets a chicken.


The gifts range from “little good gifts” to “gigantic good gifts.”  So for example, a little good gift could be helping refugees retrain, tools for a trainee carpenter, funding a tailoring business, funding a telephone book club for the housebound, chickens for war widows and a gigantic good gift could be to provide start up funds for a women’s co-op, train an eye surgeon, a mobile ironing business, purchase green belt land and hold it in a trust to protect it from development.  The range of possible ideas is huge and if you’re unable to make a decision, your recipient can instead, by giving them a voucher.  Apparently even 5 year olds like to engage in discussion about where their good voucher should go.


Now that we’ve come to the finale of the Eco-Warrior Challenge series, I’d like to thank you for following and where applicable, joining in.  I would love to hear your feedback.  Please pingback anything you write about your experience back to the challenge description, so that others might get started.


Independent article

Good Gifts Website

Featured Image: Public Domain


5 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge Finale

  1. Good gift idea that. I shall forward that to everyone who insists on buying me something for Christmas. I am a bit of a nut ball minimalist, I cannot bare having ‘stuff’ for the sake of ‘stuff’. I get that people do not understand or go along with my insistence of food or disposable items only for Christmas, but man the constant whines of ‘but we have to get you something’ wears you down eventually heh. Next time I get asked what I want, I shall send thm a link to this post.

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    1. Yesterday I came across a Cheque idea. You print the cheques and then handwrite in a gift of your time. My partner is now getting the 12 dates of Christmas, with a monthly date promise, from a picnic, to stargazing to being his butler for the day. When I’m back on the comp, I’ll add the link to where you can print off the cheques and get a few ideas.

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