Eco Warrior Challenge No. 6: Day 3

Whether it’s to decorate your home, or to give as a gift, why not make it?  My crafts of choice are knitting, digital art and some heirloom plants I’ve grown from seed.

Here’s a few simple gift/decoration ideas that won’t break the budget.

Doily tea light holder

Made with paper doilies, wallpaper paste and a balloon, this pretty tea-light holder is a simple gift or seasonal decoration.  For directions, click here.

I’m a lover of origami and occasionally paper folding turns into something that can be kept permanently.  My last effort was a bouquet:

Origami Wedding Bouquet








Legend has it that folding 1000 paper cranes will grant you a wish from the gods.  Why not get started with a hanging crane mobile?  This one is beautifully crafted.


For origami directions, I recommend this site.  The videos are excellent and easy to follow.  The instructor goes at a pace you can keep up with, without having to pause the video all the time.

Some of the animals are great card decorations and gift tags.  The boxes could hold handmade sweets.  Luxurious chocolate truffles in an origami box, as a stocking filler, I’ve found to be greatly appreciated.  I followed a Delia Smith recipe in her Christmas book.  For cutout patterns for decorative boxes that are not based on origami, I recommend this site.

Know someone who loves smellies?  How about homemade bath bombs?  A super easy recipe and directions are given here.  It includes food dyes, but why not try natural beetroot or berry juices?

Happy crafting!



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