Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 6: Day 2

How did you get on with cloth wrapping?  They make it look so easy don’t they?  Mine never seem to be half as pretty!  So if cloth gift wrapping isn’t working out, how about handmade paper?

I used to work with a colleague who has written a paper on how to make paper.  I was never sure if she published or not, but as orders for her cards and wrapping paper became more than she could handle, she took early retirement from teaching and turned to an arts and crafts future.  Her papers are incredible mixes of yarn, shredded junk mail, flowers, seeds – whatever she has that needs to be used up.

I like using handmade paper gift wrap.  It’s quite fun watching people appreciate it so much that they try not to tear it when opening the gift.  It’s a present in itself.  It’s surprisingly easy and quick to make.  The hardest part is making a mesh mould, but these can be rough and ready.  Paper mush is quite forgiving.

I have a bag of shredded paper that hasn’t been turned into garden mulch, and have put it aside for experimentation.

As I’ve said, it’s easy, even a child can do it:

Featured image: Public Domain


4 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 6: Day 2

  1. That looks way too labor intensive! And you start with paper anyway. In the past I’ve just picked up some paper bags at the store and cut them apart so they lay flat, then used stamps to decorate them. That makes great wrapping paper. Some people I know have even used carved potatoes for their stamps.

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