Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 6

This is to be the final week of our eco-challenges and given it is holiday season and you may be preparing to give and receive gifts, it seems prudent to do presents differently.  I have three aims:

a) to not feed the pockets of the already rich and support the local artisan.

b) to rethink gift packaging

c) to handmake what I can to make the season beautiful

It is for the last of these aims that I’ve decided to close our challenges here, as I’m going to have to get cracking!

Let’s start with packaging:

Furoshiki is a Japanese tradition that dates back 1200 years.  Wealthy families would have their family emblem printed onto cloth.  When they attended bath houses, the cloth would be used to both carry their clothing while bathing and as a mat.  Merchants then used the folding techniques to carry their produce.  The art has been revived with environmental concerns and has spread beyond Japan.  It is now used to create shopping bags and for gift wrapping.  Other cultures also have a tradition of using cloth functionally – to carry market goods, babies……

Baby Carrier in Lesotho

The cloth around my son’s neck is a sturdy front baby sling

Not sure I’d succeed with either, so let’s keep it simple.

Your challenge today is to be imaginative about how you’re going to wrap your future gifts.  I’m planning to use some old scarves that are not coming on the journey with me as gift wrap.  While square is best, it is possible to get creative with rectangles too.  Here are six simple ways to wrap gifts using a rag!

Happy Wrapping!



5 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 6

  1. I use to watch a lot of Japanese tv (channel recently went off the air) and one show was all about different ways to tie Furoshiki. I loved one that turned into a holder for 2 bottles of wine. I think I’ll keep that as a gift-exchange option too – maybe with a link to videos of other tie methods. Thanx!

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  2. My daughter has only ever used a sling like that to carry her kids. I have a pix I took when we were going down into a sub in the harbor in Baltimore. She is backing down the stairs with Lydie in the sling — nursing!!! LOL

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