Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5: Day 4

I’m a bit late today.  The milder weather had me donning biker gear and multiple layers to ride north to the very pretty town of Harrogate.   The aim was to follow route signs and improve observation.  This did have me circling parts of the town more than once as I failed to get into the right lane on time, but I can say that I have a deeper knowledge of its geography than before.   Next skill to develop – learning to find a bike friendly place to park in towns.

So, while I’m thawing out, here’s today’s waste reduction tips ….

Next to vinegar, bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) makes a good addition to your house cleaning substances.  It is a naturally occurring substance in most life forms.   It is a little more abrasive, so should be used with caution for more sensitive surfaces, for example, silver.


Here’s 3 more recipes for keeping your home pollutant free:

  1.  One of the benefits of bicarbonate of soda compared to vinegar is odour reduction. Put neat into a small open tub and add to your fridge to keep it whiff free.  Similarly, sprinkle in bins to reduce nasty smells, or at the bottom of ashtrays, if there’s a smoker in your house.  Mix with hot water to take smells out of food containers.  If stubborn, they can be steeped in the mix overnight.  Sprinkle some in those smelly running/gym shoes!
  2. Surface cleaning:  Mix one part soda with three parts water.  Apply, leave, and wipe with wet cloth.
  3. Grease stains on clothing.  Pretreat with bicarbonate of soda before washing.  A paste can also be used to treat stains on other surfaces, including floors.


Featured Image: Evitaochel


11 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5: Day 4

  1. My mum swore by both venegar and bicarb. My windows need cleaning at the moment. My excuse for not doing them? I’ve run out of vinegar and kep forgetting toreplace it. On of my neighbours offered to give me his Mr Muscle, or something like that. I couldn’t make him understand – not surprisingly, as he cleans his kitchen surfaces every day with something nasty in a spray bottle and chucks bleach down his toilet on a daily basis. I told him that’s why he had such a crap immune system, and he looked at me in confusion…

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    1. I moved in with two blokes a couple of years ago and in the cupboard under their sink were lines and lines of all manner of cleaning products and air-sprays. I had fun in re-education. Show not tell worked, even though it meant I was doing more than my fair share of the cleaning!


  2. It’s great for cleaning drains and toilet bowls – simply sprinkly a generous amount in, then top off with vinegar. It froths and bubbles 🙂 I just keep topping up the vinegar till it stops reacting.

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  3. I’ve got a great recipe for cleaning grease off the back of your stove using this. Works well. The only downside is it also uses a little bit of dish washing soap. If I can find it real quick I’ll post it and you can see what you think…

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      1. Here you go:

        Stove Cleaner (I used this to get the grease off the back of an old stove. I put it on fairly thick and let it sit for a few minutes. Took a little elbow grease, but I’ll be darn if it didn’t take years off grime off that old stove!)

        1/2 c. baking soda
        2 T. water
        2 T. cream of tarter
        2 T. liquid dish soap

        Continue to add water till pasty. Spread over greasy area and leave on for ten minutes. (I did make up several batches of it.)

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