Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5: Day 3

The sun’s out and I have a motorcycle training session booked, so will keep this short.

I think I’ve featured Julia’s, “Farewell My Manicure” blog and vlog.  She offers some great waste reduction tips.

Here’s one I’m about to try, as we have plenty of peppermint oil due to our mice deterrent strategies this winter.

Zero waste, as long as that bicarb doesn’t come in a plastic container!



3 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5: Day 3

    1. That’s a good question and it is often asked. Here in the UK, our water has flouride in it. There are different anecdotal reports after dental visit – some swearing by it, others feeling it isn’t protective enough. I think it needs to be treated as something which cleans, but doesn’t protect. I’ve heard about the addition of a particularly kind of clay (can’t remember what it is now as it was new to me), I’m wondering if that adds a little protection? Worth investigation.

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      1. I grew up where there was fluoride in the water. I’m 65 and I’ve only ever had four cavities. I know some folks say that fluoride is harmful to people. Haven’t studied it enough to have an opinion on it. Glad I’m not the only one who thought of that question!!!


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