The Future of Motorcycling

I’m not sure that this fits my image of a Granny on a Bike.  For a start, I disprove of the notion that a helmet won’t be needed.  Even self-balancing and almost self-riding bikes will meet Cocks in Cars, and, after all this training, a bike that does it all for you seems to defeat the purpose of riding it.  It is a highly skilled thing, and I like the idea of becoming proficient in the many skilful aspects of riding in different terrain.

BUT, you have to admit, this is sexy.

Well, this is what the next generation will riding, for now, I’ll content myself with this:




12 thoughts on “The Future of Motorcycling

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Basically because it is an ‘intelligent’ bike, it has a self-levelling system, so when operating, can’t fall over, even when it’s not moving, It’s ‘crash-proof’. It isn’t going into production, but is a vision of the future for BMW bikes, that is, they intend to make use of its technologies in future bikes.
      Here’s an interview with the designers:


    1. Our landlord saw my partner’s BMW 1200 and said – that’s Star Wars and he compared it to my Yamaha 125 and said that’s more Steve McQueen – he prefers my bike! I think he’d agree with you. But I’m with James, it is sexy! Having said that, it does things like – if you point to the right, the right indicator goes on. But I’m like one of those people who waves my hands when I talk. Something would be bound to go wrong!

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