Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5

This week we’re going to talk about recycling.

Gotcha!  No we’re not.

Prevention is better than cure.  Let’s stop bringing all that junk home!  This week’s theme is waste reduction.

The Challenge:

If you’ve done your inventory of waste you bring home – highlight a few things that you could stop buying that would instantly reduce the waste you produce.

For example, in our home, we buy food from the farmshop and make meals from scratch during the week.  The waste is minimal and goes on to the compost pile.  It gets to the weekend and suddenly we have oodles of plastic building up in the recycling bag.  My partner is still in the mill we call a job.  He feels a sense of entitlement when it gets to the weekend.  We have to have the traditional Friday pig out night and somehow that extends to Sunday.  Processed foods make it home.  It forms the entirety of what we have to send back outside of the home to be recycled.  While it’s nice to have a cooking break, there is no other advantage.  It’s cancer causing, weight gaining, expensive (we spend more over the weekend than we do for two weeks of healthy meals), and it’s polluting.  It’s not difficult to work out a solution.

Here’s some tips and positivity from two young women who’ve been inspired by an event they’ve attended – how to see, hear and speak “NO PLASTIC”:



3 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 5

  1. I do carry the fold-up bag in my purse. Actually could use a couple more. They brought up Starbucks.I know their clear plastic iced coffee cups are none recyclable. I have a lot of respect for this company. Great company to work for. So I don’t understand why they use that #5 plastic which hardly anyone takes in recycling. Interesting little video. They were a pretty high-powered pair! LOL Could decide if they were 16 or 26!

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    1. I know exactly what you mean – I called them girls at first, then changed my mind. They made me smile, I had to share! Yes, I’ve thought about with any take out outlet, but if they are open to bringing your own container, the message will soon spread.
      I had a victorian drainage system that run through the garden of my last house. It went out through a hole in the wall and into a field behind. It used to get clogged up with whatever came down from the gravel/sandy street with the rains, including the village’s litter. There were two main culprits – take-out refuse and the soft plastic that covered cigarette packets. That was a nightmare as it would mingle with the soil that would be created and make it really difficult to shovel out.

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