Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 3: Day 4

Once a keen cyclist, I was deterred by the hazardous conditions of cycling West Yorkshire roads.  But some have stronger hearts than me, the county having produced several cycling champions over the years, probably due to the numerous hills they have to negotiate just to get home.

The area boasts several motorways and cities are multi-laned nightmares.  Quite often, motorists simply don’t see you.  Cycle lanes are shared with parked cars, taxis and buses, more a danger than a safety feature.  Canal towpaths are often closed due to floods and there is one off-road route close to me dedicated to cyclists, but kids like to litter it with glass.

You’re getting the picture.

But undaunted, Yorkshire folk fight back!  Here’s today’s community action inspiration:

Leeds cycling campaign is an inclusive group who are working to make cycling around a city fun again.  There aim is to move from “motorway city of the ’70s to cycletopia”.


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