Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 3: Day 3

Carnivalesque realpolitik is a term that appears to have been coined by Naomi Klein in her review of Beautiful Trouble’s Toolkit.  It describes the emerging development of more creative means of protest and distribution of political messages.

This isn’t entirely new, you’ll all have your favourite songs with political lyrics.

Dance has often explored issues relating to sexual politics, but reaches into other social issues, social attitudes to death, the Iraq war and environmentalism, for example Siobhan Davies’ Endangered Species was choreographed in response to her participation in an expedition to the Arctic.

Below is the first in a trilogy about our “Tug-of-war with the wilderness”

Animators have also entered the political arena:

Flash mobs, once taking over train stations with the Sound of Music, are stretching their emotional and political impact.

And who’d have thought that knitting and crochet would become political?

I hope this selection has excited the neural networks and has you thinking creatively about community action!



4 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 3: Day 3

  1. Loved the Man video. Reposted it at Promptlings. The flash mob video was powerful, too. BUT I still like the Amsterdam “Do Re Mi” better! 😀 Btw, I’m getting a lop of “Oops! Can’t find that page” on your blogs. Thought I’d best let you know.

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    1. The Amsterdam flash mob was the first I ever saw – I secretly love it too!! Hmm, Opher said something about not finding my last post – I think there’s two possible reasons.
      1) Posts posted, but I meant to schedule them (cos they were a later day for the Eco-challenge) so they were scheduled retrospectively, OR, 2) you’re trying to follow a link that is now broken because my domain name changed about a year ago when I was culling the coins we spend. So I guess I’m going to have to go mend those links.

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