EcoWarrior Challenge No. 2: Days 6 & 7

macro-319237_1920It’s been two weeks since the commencement of the eco-warrior challenge.  Rather than adding anything new,  I thought it might be a good opportunity for taking time to reflect.

The theme of the first week was to take time to find the silence within yourself.  The purpose of this, as suggested by Arkan, is to pay greater attention to Mother Earth, Gaia, God – however you like to conceive of the interconnection of all things – to unconditionally love enough to care and contribute to the healing of the earth.

The theme of the second was to think about why we take ownership and possession of things we don’t even need, are not ours to own (such as land, water, air) and to consider the potential for sharing and gift economies.

In your reflections, you might consider some of these questions:

Which challenges did I find easy to do, or are already part of my daily habits?

Which did I avoid, and why?  

Were there any challenges that you feel changed by?

How might an adoption of the challenges as habits change the way you live?

What wider impact could adopting the challenges have?

Have you learned anything you feel compared to share?

Are you too comfortable to change?

Do I care enough to do something?

Is there a futility to the challenges?

If you had reactions of an entirely different nature – let us know!

Would love to hear about how you’ve responded.


Next week’s theme: Community

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