Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 2: Day 3

If you’re following along, you should by now have a list of things you’d include in a displacement pack.  Today, we’re going to reverse the task around in order to commence the process of separating need from want.

You have a box.  It is quite a large one, but not so large that you can’t move it anywhere without help.  Fill the box with the items that would never in a month of Sundays make it to your displacement bag.  Fill it with things you don’t actually want, never wanted, won’t want in the future and are not going to miss in a year’s time.  Actually do this, don’t just imagine it.


This next bit’s easy:

Make a decision about who or what might benefit from the contents of your box.  When you’ve decided, pass them on.  



7 thoughts on “Eco-Warrior Challenge No. 2: Day 3

  1. Gee… I was kind of a minimalist. I doubt anyone would want my family pixs, someone might enjoy the book, but no way would I part with my clothes. It’s easy to see this is actually a harder task (packing and choosing) that it would first have appeared! o_O


    1. I just reread this and I think I posted the comment on the wrong post… (rolls eyes…) I would have to say I would probably need as many boxes to do this as Opher needs to move!!!


      1. I keep putting replies in the wrong place! And that course – damn – still struggling with the discussions there.

        We’re working very hard on what to bring – we’ll have the equivalent of six boxes – (as long as I get this license – time I got writing about that again!) The provisional camping trip was a huge help. I wrote down lots about what works and what doesn’t so that I’d remember. It’s also amazing how creative you become with what’s available. To be honest – I find the food the biggest hurdle in terms of space required and the logistics of keeping perishables fresh. Once cycled with wine in the water bottle carrier on my bicycle and baguettes strapped with para-cord to my son’s back. I know – I was a terrible mother!!


  2. Moving house today so I’ve already done this! I know I’ll want all the stuff I’ve chucked away and regret getting rid of it! I chopped up an old cabinet full of my fossils and shells. My parents bought it for me as a kid. It had become dilapidated. I was going to do it up. Now it is firewood.

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